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American Indian Books

Indians of the Southwest and California

University of Oklahoma Press - Civilization of the American Indian Series

Prehistoric Indians, Archaeology, Anthropology

Page one: Plains, Northeast, Southeast, Texas, Northwest Coast, Alaska

Page two: Southwest, California






Revised February 13, 2018

* Denotes Southwest Books of the Year selection

  1. After the Buffalo Were Gone: The Louis Warren Hill, Sr., Collection of Indian Art. With essays on the culture and arts of the Blackfeet by Ann T. Walton, John C. Ewers, and Royal B. Hassrick. Northwest Area Foundation, 1985. Soft cover. $65.00

  2. African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art. Exhibition catalogue from the Sotheby Parke Bernet auction in October, 1974. Black and white photographs throughout. Wraps. $10.00

  3. Alaska Geographic. Alaska's Native People. Large and colorful compilation of photos that explains just who and where are the many vastly differing "Native peoples" of Alaska. Alaska Geographic, 1979. Soft cover. $15.00

  4. Alexander, Hartley Burr. The Mythology of All Races. This tenth volume in a series of thirteen specializes in mythology of North America specifically covering a wide variety of Indian tribes. 33 plates throughout the book. Marshall Jones, 1937. Red cloth. $35.00

  5. Alexander, Hartley Burr.The World's Rim: Great Mysteries of the North American Indians. Foreword by Clyde Kluckhohn. 1st printing. University of Nebraska Press, 1953. Dust jacket with portions of top and bottom spine missing, wear on the edges $22.50

  6. All Roads are Good: Native Voices on Life and Culture. Weaves first person narratives, stunning illustrations and historic photographs celebrating American Indian culture and the contemporary landscape. Smithsonian Institution Press and National Museum of the American Indian, 1994. Dust jacket, oversize. $55.00

  7. Allen, D. Totem Poles of the Northwest. Illustrated guide, detailing history and symbolism of the Totems from Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. Hancock House, 1977. Wraps. $5.00

  8. Allen, Paula Gunn. Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook. Native American goddess traditions come alive - stories of wise women, shaman and spirit beings are beautifuly told and backed by strong scholarship. Beacon Press, 1991. Soft cover. $24.00

  9. SOLD America is Indian Country: Opinions and Perspectives from Indian Country Today. Edited by Jose Barreiro and Tim Johnson. Discusses the biggest issues in both Indian and national public life. Fulcrum Publishing, 2005. Soft cover. $16.95

  10. SOLD American Indian Art. Sotheby public auction catalogue from July 1972. Wraps, $7.50

  11. American Indian Art. Thursday, October 26, 1978. Public auction catalog, final sale prices written in next to many items. Includes sheet listing sale results. Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc, 1978. Softcover. $12.50

  12. American Indian Art: Form and Tradition. Large exhibition catalogue organized by the Walker Art Center, Indian Art Association, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Photos of a variety of differnt pieces of artwork. Soft cover. E.P. Dutton and Co., 1972. $25.00

  13. American Indian Artifact Price Guide No. 3: Northwest Coast Introduction. Illustrated guide with prices. American Indian Artifact Catalog Co. $10.00

  14. American Indian Crafts and Culture. May 1973, volume 7:5. Includes article on Wounded Knee by Russell Means, and Modern Blackfoot Woman's Dress by Michael Johnson. Wraps. $7.50

  15. American Indian Nonfiction: An Anthology of Writings, 1760-1930s. Edited by Bernd C. Peyer. Nearly seventy pieces by well-known writers that have not appeared in other collections, including personal letters, sermons, speeches, autobiographical sketches, humorous pieces, editorials and pamplets. University of Oklahoma Press, 2007. Soft cover. $26.95

  16. The American Indian Today. Edited by Stuart Levine and Nancy Oestreich Lurie. Contains chapters on the Eastern Cherokee, Houma, Nez Perce and the Prairie Potawatomi. 1st edition. Everett/Edwards, 1968. Decorated cloth. $8.00

  17. American Indians: Folk Tales & Legends. Edited with an introduction by Keith Cunningham. This collection of tales and stories allows the reader to learn more about the Native American culture. Folklore Society, 2001. Soft cover. $6.95

  18. SOLD Andrews, Ralph W. Curtis' Western Indians. A photographic look at the Native American tribes of the Plains, Southwest and Northwest coast. Images by Edward S. Curtis. Bonanza Books, 1962. Dust jacket, oversize. $20.00

  19. Appleton, Le Roy H. American Indian Design & Decoration. Reprint of the most original and most powerful design art produced by the Native American Indians. Dover Publications, 1971. Soft cover, oversize showing wear, portion of clear plastic coming loose. $10.00

  20. Appleton, Le Roy H. Indian Art of the Americas. With color plates, the desings have been drawn and colored from the finest examples of Indian weaving, basketry, pottery, painting, etc. 1st edition. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1950. Dust jacket, with piece of spine missing at top and bottom. $50.00

  21. Art and the Native American: Perceptions, Reality, and Influences. Edited by Susan Scott. Papers in Art History from the Pennsylvania State University vol. X. Pennsylvania State University, 2002. Soft cover. $55.00

  22. Art of the Great Lakes Indians. An exhibition catalog organized by the Flint Institute of Arts, March 25 - July 1, 1973. Illustrated with text providing history and background of the Indians and the art. 1973. Soft cover. $50.00

  23. Art of the Huichol Indians. Edited by Kathleen Berrin. 140 illustrations depicting the late nineteenth century to present day art from this tribe living in the rugged mountain of the Sierra Madre. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, 1978. Dust jacket. $75.00

  24. Art of the North American Indians: The Thaw Collection. Edited by Gilbert T. Vincent, Sherry Brydon, and Ralph T. Coe. Principal photography by John Bigelow Taylow. A comprehensive examination of native North American art collected by Eugene and Clare Thaw. Fenimore Art Museum, University of Washington Press, 2000. Dust jacket, oversize. $85.00

  25. Awakuni-Swetland, Mark. Dance Lodges of the Omaha People: Building from Memory. Introduction by Roger Welsch with a new afterword by the author. Drawing on the oral histories of forty Omaha elders collected in 1992, this book provides insights into how the lodges shaped Omaha cultural identity. University of Nebraska Press, 2008. Soft cover. $19.95

  26. SOLD Bad Heart Bull, Amon. A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux. Drawings by Bad Heart Bull, text by Helen H. Blish, introduction by Mari Sandoz. Detailed account of the drawings. University of Nebraska Press, 1967. Yellow and black cloth in Slipcase with paper label. $150.00

  27. Bailey, Garrick and Daniel C. Swan. Art of the Osage. Contributions by John W. Nunley and E. Sean StandingBear. This volume draws together more than two centuries' worth of Osage art, tracing the patterns of life and culture as they existed from contact to the present. Catalog for an exhibit. Saint Louis Art Museum, 2004. Dust jacket. $40.00

  28. Bailey, Paul. Ghost Dance Messiah. The Jack Wilson Story. The true story of Wovoka, the Paiute messiah, whose visions inspired the Indians to dreams of power, freedom, and peace but also led to bitter wars. Westernlore Press, 1986. Dust jacket. $27.50

  29. Ballinger, Franchot. Living Sideways: Tricksters in American Indian Oral Traditions. The first full-length study of the diverse roles and dimensions of North American Indian tricksters. University of Oklahoma Press, 2004. Dust jacket. $32.95

  30. Bamert, Arnold. Africa: Tribal Art of Forest and Savanna. 1st edition. The author describes the precise regional, historical and cultural background of 210 art pieces illustrated in color. Thames and Hudson. 1980. Oversized with dust jacket and slipcase. $95.00

  31. Bancroft-Hunt, Norman. Warriors - Warfare and the Native American Indian. A comprehensive study of the Native American Warrior, the ideal of the warrior and attitudes indigenous to warfare on the North American continent, complemented by superb photographs from American, Canadian and European mueseums. Salamandar Book, 1995. Dust jacket. $40.00

  32. SOLD Banks, Dennis with Richard Erdoes. Ojibwa Warrior: Dennis Banks and the Rise of the American Indian Movement. A honest and moving biography and retelling of events that read as a great campfire story. University of Oklahoma Press, 2004. Soft cover. $19.95

  33. SOLD Banner, Stuart. How the Indians Lost Their Land: Law and Power on the Frontier. The story of the complexities and contraditions of the long history of how Anglo-Americans justified the dispossession of Native Americans and the transfer of their land. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2005. Dust jacket. $29.95

  34. SOLD Barnett, James F. The Natchez Indians: A History to 1735. The story of the Natchez Indians as revealed through accounts of Spanish, English, and French explorers,missionaries, soldiers, and colonists, and as revealed in the archaeological record. University Press of Mississippi, 2007. Dust jacket. $40.00

  35. SOLD Barry, John W. American Indian Pottery 2nd Edition: an identification and value guide. Over 400 full color plates will serve as a complete reference guide for the recently intrigued to the veteran collector. Books Americana, 1984. Dust jacket. $35.00

  36. Bataille, Gretchen M. Native American Women: A Biographical Dictionary. Garland Publishing, 1993. Casebound. $45.00

  37. SOLD Baudin, Louis. Daily Life of the Incas. Well-researched and enthusiastically written. Dover. Soft cover. $7.95.

  38. SOLD Baughman, Michael and Charlotte Hadella. Warm Springs Millennium: Voices from the Reservation. Story of the Native Americans and the land in north central Oregon. University of Texas Press, 2000. Soft cover. $16.95

  39. Baylor, Byrd. Before You Came This Way. Illustrated by Tom Bahti. Childrens book with illustrations of prehistoric Indian petroglyphs. Dutton, 1970. Dust jacket. $20.00

  40. SOLD Beaver Steals Fire: A Salish Coyote Story. Illustrated by Sam Sandoval. Story of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Winner of the American Indian Youth Literature Award. University of Nebraska Press, 2005. Soft cover, oversize. $12.95

  41. Bec, Tom. The Art of Edward S. Curtis: Photographs from The North American Indian. Over 100 images are representended in this volume. Images from the John Work Garrett Library, Johns Hopkins University. Chartwell Books, 1995. Dust jacket, oblong. $17.50

  42. Benes, Rebecca C. Native American Picture Books of Change: The Art of Historic Children's Editions. With a foreword by Gloria Emerson. This is the story of the children's books of the last century beautifully illustrated by Native American artists. Museum of New Mexico Press, 2004. Dust jacket. $45.00

  43. SOLD Between Indian and White Worlds: The Cultural Broker. Edited by Margaret Connell Szasz. Provides a new understanding of countless intermediaries, such as arists, strudents, traders, authors, political figures and performers wo have bridged the divide between Indian and White from 1690 to the present. Signed by the editor. 1st printing. University of Oklahoma Press, 1994. Dust jacket. $17.50

  44. SOLD Black Hawk. Life of Black Hawk. The autobiography, originally told to translator Antoine Leclair and published in 1834, tells of the Sauk and Fox Indians. Edited by Milo Milton Quaife. Dover. Soft cover. $6.95

  45. Blaeser, Kimberly M. Gerald Vizenor: Writing in the Oral Tradition. 1st edition. Blaeser in this first book-length study of the most prolific Native American writer of twentieth century, lays the groundwork essential for understanding his complex work. University of Oklahoma Press, 1996. Dust jacket. $29.95

  46. Boarding School Blues: Revisiting American Indian Educational Experiences. Edited and with an introduction by Clifford E. Trafzer, Jean A. Keller, and Lorene Sisquoc. First volume of essays ever to focus on the American Indian boarding school experience. University of Nebraska Press, 2006. Soft cover. $20.00

  47. Boas, Franz. Primative Art. A 'must' reading for art historians and anthropologists, providing a definitive analysis of the fundamental traits of primitive art. Originally published in 1927 and reissued in 1955. Dover. Soft cover. $10.00

  48. SOLD Boyd, Doug. Mad Bear: Spirit, Healing, and the Sacred In the Life of a Native American Medicine Man. The story of a member of the Bear Clan of the Tuscarora Nation of the Six-Nation Iroquois Confederacy of the United States and Canada - a Native American rights-activist. Touchstone Book, 1994. Soft cover. $13.00

  49. SOLD Boyle, William Henry. William Henry Boyle's Personal Observations on the Conduct of the Modoc War. Edited by Richard H. Dillon. Limited to 300 copies. Early California Travels Series No. 48. Contains series announcement of final volumes, 1959. Dawson's Book Shop. $125.00

  50. Bright, William. Native American Placenames of the United States. A comprehensive, alphabetical lexicon that describes American placenames derived from Native languages. University of Oklahoma Press, 2005. Soft cover. $29.95

  51. SOLD Broker, Ignatia. Night Flying Woman: An Ojibway Narrative. 1st edition. The accounts of the lives of several generations of Ojibway people in Minnesota is much information about their history and culture. Previous owners name inscribed on front page. Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1983. Dust jacket. $40.00

  52. SOLD Brown, John P. Old Frontiers: The Story of the Cherokee Indians from Earliest Times to the Date of Their Removal to the West, 1838. 1st edition. Discusses the struggle of the Cherokee to hold the land of their fathers against white encroachment. Southern Publishers, 1938. Blue cloth. $150.00

  53. SOLD Brown, Mark H. The Flight of the Nez Perce: A History of the Nez Perce War. 1st edition. The definitive work on the subject of the Nez Perce war of 1877. The author has used vast amounts of source material in the preparation of this book, including thousands of pages of official correspondence from the files of the Adjudant General of the Army, General Howard's letter books, and the files of the Lapwai Indian Agency. Previous owners bookplate front end sheet; name scribbled out. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1967. Dust jacket. $55.00

  54. SOLD Brown, Steve C. Sun Dogs & Eagle Down: The Indian Paintings of Bill Holm. Work of Holm, expert on Northwest Coast, Plateau, and Plains Indian art. Reproduction for forty-nine full color reproductions of his paintings of traditional Indian scences created from the 1950s to present. University of Washington Press, 2000. Dust jacket. $40.00

  55. SOLD Bruchac, Joseph. Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture, and Values through Storytelling. An irresistible invitation from award-winning Native American author - to review different stories from Navajo, Cree, Sioux, Cherokee and others. Fulcrum Publishing, 2003. Soft cover. $16.95

  56. Brumble, H. David III. American Indian Autobiography. With a new introduction by the author. Informative book on the nature and value of American Indian autobiographies. University of Nebraska Press, 2008. Softcover. $18.95

  57. Buchwald, June and Harriet Smith. Children of Indian America. Young adult. Very brief overview of Indian children and their youth's experiences. Museum Storybook, 1968. Wraps. $10.00

  58. Bullchild, Percy. The Sun Came Down: The History of the World as My Blackfeet Elders Told It. Foreword to the Bison Books edition by Woody Kipp. The richest collection of Blackfeet legends to be found. University of Nebraska Press, 2005. Soft cover. $22.95

  59. SOLD Burnham, Philip. Indian Country, God's Country: Native Americans and the National Parks. Traces the complex relationship between Native Amerians and the national parks. 1st printing. Island Press, 2000. Dust jacket. $28.00

  60. SOLD Burns, Louis F. Osage Indian: Customs and Myths. An excellent general study of the Osage with meticulous research. University of Alabama Press, 2005. Soft cover. $19.95

  61. Burt, Jesse and Robert B. Ferguson. Indians of the Southeast: Then and Now. Drawings by David S. Wilson. Provides a history of the Native Americans, their religion, languages, culture, food, games, and customs. Abingdon Press, 1973. Dust jacket with minor wear. $15.00

  62. Bushnell, David I., Jr. Drawings by John Webber of Natives of the Northwest Coast of America, 1778. With twelve plates. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 80:10. Smithsonian, 1928. Original grap wraps, pages loose. $20.00

  63. Caduto, Michael J. Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children. Foreword by N. Scott Momaday. Illustrations by John Kahionhes Fadden and Carol Wood. Guide for helping Children love and care for the earth. Fulcrum Publishing, 1997. Soft cover. $21.95

  64. SOLD Calloway, Colin G. The Shawnees and the War for America. An excellent survey of Shawnee history in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, which vividly illustrates the important role played by the Shawnee people in the history of both the Ohio Valley and the new American nation. Penguin Library of American Indian History. Viking, 2007. Dust jacket. $19.95

  65. SOLD Campbell, Maria. Halfbreed. The autobiography of a Metis from Canada, surviving the brutal realities of poverty and substance abuse in 1940s Saskatchewan, until she finds her way with the help of her Cree great-grandmother. University of Nebraska Press. Soft cover. $10.95

  66. Caraway, Caren. Native American Designs. Provides designs used by Southwest, Eastern Woodland, Plains, Northwest, Southeastern Woodland - all that can used for creative projects. Stemmer House, 1985. Soft cover oversize. $27.95

  67. SOLD Caraway, Caren. Plains Indian Designs. Provides designs used by the Plains Indians. 2d edition. Stemmer House, 1993. Soft cover. $5.95

  68. Carlson, Paul H. The Plains Indians. Charts the evolution and growth of the Plains Indians from 1750 to 1890. Texas A&M University Press, 1998. Soft cover. $20.00

  69. SOLD Carpenter, Edmund. Oh, What a Blow That Phantom Gave Me! 1st edition. Account of what electronic toys are doing to us. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1973. Dust jacket. $25.00

  70. Carstarphen, Meta G. and John P. Sanchez, editors. American Indians and the Mass Media. Collection of essays which explore Native experience and the mainstream media's impact on American Indian histories, cultures, and communities. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 2012. Soft cover. $24.95

  71. Carter, Forrest. The Education of Little Tree: A True Story. Foreword by Rennard Strickland. The fictional biography of a Cherokee growing up. University of New Mexico Press, 1990. Dust jacket. $10.00

  72. SOLD Castile, George Pierre. Taking Charge: Native American Self-Determination and Federal Indian Policy, 1975 - 1993. An exploration of the Indian Self-Determination Act of 1975 and if it achieved its mission during the Carter, Reagan and first Bush administration. University of Arizona Press, 2006. Dust jacket. $35.00

  73. Chapman, Serle L., ed. We, The People: Of Earth and Elders vol. II. Photographed, edited and compiled by Chapman. Preface by Karen L. Testerman Foreword remarks by Presidednt William Jefferson Clinton. Chapters written by various Native American people. 1st edition. Mountain Press, 2001. Soft cover. $29.95

  74. SOLD The Cherokee Indian Nation: A Troubled History. Edited by Duane H. King. Traces the history and changing culture. Review copy previously owned by noted Western historian Dr. Robert Trennert, with his pencil notations, markings and additional sheet of notes. 1st edition. University of Tennessee Press, 1999. Dust jacket. $15.00

  75. SOLD Chihuly, Dale. Chihuly's Pendletons: and their influence on his work. Beautiful color photographs of the Pendleton blankets and textiles that impaced Chihuly glass work. Included in this volume are selections of Chihuly's series of Blanket Cylinders. 1st edition. Portland Press, 2000. Dust jacket. $75.00

  76. SOLD Christopher, F.J. Basketry. How-to book includes basic instructions on the selection of materials, use of tools and equipment, care of tools and material, and the technical terms. Dover, 1952. Soft cover. $7.50

  77. A Circle of Nations: Voices and Visions of American Indians / North American Native Writers and Photographs. Foreword by Leslie Marmon Silko, introduction by Michael Dorris and edited by John Gattuso. A collection of writings and images that reflect contemporary Indian life. Beyond Words Publishing, 1993. Dust jacket. $30.00

  78. Clark, Ian Christie. Indian and Eskimo Art of Canada. Illustrated by Dominque Darbois. Record of one of the most widely-acclaimed exhibitions of Indian and Eskimo art. Ryerson Press, 1971. Dust jacket. $35.00

  79. SOLD Clarkin, Thomas. Federal Indian Policy in the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations 1961-1969. This groundbreaking work is the first major study of the U.S. Indian policy duirng the landmark years of the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies. 1st edition. University of New Mexico Press, 2001. Dust jacket. $34.95

  80. SOLD Clements, William M. Oratory in Native North America. Examines in detail a wide range of source material representing cultures throughout North America, analyzing speeches made by Natives as recorded by whites. These texts are comprehensive documents that report not only the contexts of the speeches but the entirety of the delivery. University of Arizona Press, 2002. Dust jacket. $40.00

  81. Cobb, Daniel M. Native Activism in Cold War America: The Struggle for Sovereignty. This is the first book-length study of American Indian political activism during its seminal years from the end of WWII to the late 1960s. University Press of Kansas, 2008. Dust jacket. $34.95

  82. Cody, Iron Eyes. Indian Talk: Hand Signals of the American Indians. Illustrated with photographs showing hand signals. Naturegraph Co., 1970. Soft cover rubbed on edges. $7.50

  83. SOLD Cohen, Felix S. On the Drafting of Tribal Constitutions. Edited by David E. Wilkins with foreword by Lindsay G. Robertson. The best document which illustrates what the federal government was thing before the BIA began working with tribes to form governments under the Indian Reorganization Act. University of Oklahoma Press, 2007. Dust jacket. $34.95

  84. SOLD Coleman, Michael C. American Indians, the Irish, and Government Schooling: A Comparative Study. The first full comparison of American and British government attempts to assimilate “problem peoples” through mass elementary education. Review copy of noted Western historian Dr. Robert Trennert with his notes and review on separate sheets laid in the book. 1st printing. University of Nebraska Press, 2007. Dust jacket. $35.00

  85. Collier, John. The Indians of the Americas. The historical survey of the oldest inhabitants of the hemisphere with their past and future. Written by the former U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs. 1st edition. Norton, 1947. Dust jacket, worn with small pieces missing and tears. $15.00

  86. SOLD Colorado River Indian Tribes. Smoke Signals. Tribal newsletter, issue containing letters of 1870 Colorado River Reservation by Indian agents. Volume 19:2, August 15, 1974. Wraps. $10.00

  87. SOLD Comanche Ethnography: Field Notes of E. Adamson Hoebel, Waldo R. Wedel, Gustav G. Carlson, and Robert H. Lowie. Compiled and edited by Thomas W. Kavanagh. In the summer of 1933, six anthropolgists met with eighteen Comanche elders in Oklahoma, to record the latter's reminiscences of traditional culture. This monumental volume makes available for the first time the largest archive of traditional cultural information on Comances gathered by anthropologists. University of Nebraska Press, 2008. Dust jacket. $55.00

  88. Congdon-Martin, Douglas. Storytellers and Other Figurative Pottery. A extensive collection of over 400 ceramic pieces by almost 150 artists - shown in full color. Schiffer, 1990. Soft cover. $25.00

  89. SOLD Conley, Robert J. Cherokee Thoughts, Honest and Uncensored. In 26 essays laced with humor, understatement and even sarcasm, Conley takes on politics, culture, his people's history and what it means to be Cherokee. University of Oklahoma Press, 2008. Soft cover. $19.95

  90. SOLD Conn, Richard. Native American Art in the Denver Art Museum. This large catalogue demonstrates the chronological and geographic breadth of representation of American Indian arts and the high artistic quality of a large number of individual works. 500 photographs. Denver Art Museum, 1979. Soft cover. $50.00

  91. Contemporary Sioux Painting. Catalog for an exhibition organized by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the United States Department of the Interior. Tipi Shop, 1970. Soft cover, rubbed. $15.00

  92. SOLD Cook-Lynn. Anti-Indianism in Modern America: A Voice from Tatekeya's Earth. 1st edition. The author confronts the politics and policies of genocide that continue to destroy the land, livelihood, and culture of Native Americans.University of Illionois, 2001. Dust jacket. $26.95
  93. SOLD Coolidge, Dane and Mary R. The Last of the Seris: The Aboriginal Indians of Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico. Reprint. Rio Grande Classics, 1973. $35.00

  94. Covarrubias. The Eagle, the Jaguar, and the Serpent: Indian Art of the Americas North America Aslaska, Canada, the United States. Contains color plates and black and white illustrations of the Indian art. 1st edition with some wear. Knopf, 1954. Dust jacket with minor wear. $80.00

  95. Coward, John M. The Newspaper Indian: Native American Identity in the Press, 1820-1960. University of Illinois Press, 1999. Wraps. $18.95

  96. Cox, James H. Muting White Noise: Native American and European Novel Traditions. A discussion how Native authors have rewritten the storytelling traditions of conquest in order to liberate our imaginations from the colonial narrative. University of Oklahoma Press, 2006. Dust jacket. $29.95

  97. Cramer, Renee Ann. Cash, Color, and Colonialism: The Politics of Tribal Acknowledgment. Exploring the formal and informal struggles over acknowledgment, Cramer argues that we cannot fully understand the process until we under the contexts within which it operates. University of Oklahoma Press, 2005. Dust jacket. $24.95

  98. SOLD Crawford, Isabel. Kiowa: Story of a Blanket Indian Mission. 1st edition. Diary of a Baptist missionary working with the Kiowa tribe from 1896-1906. The female missionaries were called "Jesus women" by the Indians. Previous owner's name inscribed front end page. Fleming H. Revell, 1915. Red cloth. $45.00

  99. Creation's Journey: Native American Identity and Belief. Draws on the collections of the National Museum of the American Indian to retell stories of native life. Illustrated with color images of artifacts. Edited by Tom Hill and Richard Hill. 1st edition. Smithsonian, 1994. Dust jacket, oversize. $22.50

  100. Creation's Journey: Native American Identity and Belief. Draws on the collections of the National Museum of the American Indian to retell stories of native life. Edited by Tom Hill and Richard Hill. Smithsonian, 1994. Soft cover, oversize. $10.00

  101. SOLD Crow Dog, Leonard and Richard Erdoes. Crow Dog: Four Generations of Sioux Medicine Men. Extraordinary and epic accounty of a Native American clan from a contemporary of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse to leader of AIM at the second Wounded Knee. 1st edition. HarperCollins, 1995. Dust jacket. $35.00

  102. Culin, Stewart. Games of the North American Indians. Most complete work ever prepared on the games of the Native Americans. Reprint of 1902-03 BAE. Dover. Soft cover. $22.50

  103. SOLD Curtis, Edward S. Indian Days of the Long Ago. Written and illustrated with photographs by Curtis about the Indians of the northern plains. Drawings by F. N. Wilson. Indian Life and Indian Lore Series. Originally published in 1915. Tamarack Press, 1975. Soft cover. $10.00

  104. SOLD Curtis, Edward Sherriff. The Many Faces of Edward Sherriff Curtis: Portraits and Stories from Native North America. Steadman Upham and Nat Zappia examine eighty of Curtis's portraits of Native Americans and discuss them in relation to other photographs and the period. The Gilcrease Museum, 2006. Dust jacket, oversize. $60.00

  105. Curtis, Edward S. The North American Indian: The Complete Portfolios. All of Curtis images in this one volume. Taschen. Stiff soft cover showing wear. $20.00

  106. SOLD Curtis, Edward S. The North American Indians. A Selection of Photographs by Edward S. Curtis. Text compiled with an introduction by Joseph Epes Brown. Previous owner's name on inside front cover. Aperture Book, 1972. Brown soft cover with Curtis photo. $17.50

  107. SOLD Curtis, Edward S. Portraits from North American Indian Life. Introductions by A. D. Coleman & T. C. McLuhan. Selected images from the photographer's work along with explanatory text. Published in Association with the American Museum of Natural History by Outerbridge & Lazard, 1972. Pictorial (Curtis image) paper on boards with black cloth spine. Oversize. $150.00

  108. Curtis, Edward S. Portraits from North American Indian Life. Introductions by A. D. Coleman & T. C. McLuhan. Selected images from the photographer's work along with explanatory text. A&W Visual Library, Promontory Press on spine and dj . Oblong, Dust jacket with tears. $30.00

  109. SOLD Curtis, Edward S. Portraits from North American Indian Life. Introductions by A. D. Coleman & T. C. McLuhan. Selected images from the photographer's work along with explanatory text. A&W Visual Library. Oblong, soft cover. $20.00

  110. SOLD Davis, Barbara. Edward S. Curtis: the life and times of a shadow catcher. Biography of the famed photographer and examples of his work. Chronicle Books, 1985. Dust jacket. $75.00

  111. SOLD Dearborn, Frances R. How the Indians Lived. Illustrated by H. Boylston Dummer. Very informative account of how the Indians lived at home, hunted, made baskets, gathered food, made weapons, and so forth. Ex-library. Ginn and Company, 1927. Hardcover. $7.50

  112. Dempsey, Hugh A. History in Their Blood: The Indian Portraits of Nicholas de Grandmaison. Introduction by J. Russell Harper. From the collection in the Bank of Montreal. Limited edition. Signed by Scott Hean. Douglas & McIntyre, 1982. Red leather spine in cloth slipcase. $100.00

  113. Dempsy, Hugh A. Indian Tribes of Alberta. Glenbow-Alberta Institute, 1978. Good. Soft cover. $10.00

  114. Dempsy, Hugh A. Indian Tribes of Alberta. Glenbow Museum, 1986. Revised, expanded, and updated. Good. Soft cover. $10.00

  115. SOLD Dempsey, Hugh A. The Vengeful Wife and Other Blackfoot Stories. A collection of stories about warfare, hunting, ceremonies, sexuality, the supernatural, and captivity, resulting from fifty years of interviewing tribal elders and sifting through archives. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 2003. Dust jacket. $34.95

  116. Densmore, Frances. The American Indians and Their Music. Information on the songs and musical instruments. List of women on front endsheet. Revised edition. Womans Press, 1936. Red cloth. $32.50

  117. Devon, Marjorie, ed. Migrations: New Directions in Native American Art. The work of six Native American artists - Steven Deo, Tom Jones, Larry McNeil, Ryan Lee Smith, Star Wallowing Bull and Marie Watt - selected because they engage in contemporary art rather than the "traditional" work. Includes essays by art historians and critics. University of New Mexico Press, 2006. Soft cover. $24.95

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University of Oklahoma Press

All available books in this series are located at:

The Civilization of the American Indian Series


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