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Table of Contents for our Old West Books

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Wyatt Earp - Tombstone | Superstition Mountains | Arizona | Military | Southwest | Spanish Exploration & Borderlands |

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The American West | Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows, Rodeos and Western Movies | Life on the Frontier | Mexico | Mormons | Western Exploration | Ephemera

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Cattle & Cowboys | Texas

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Horses | Mining | Natural History | Transportation | Weapons and Hunting

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Revised February 26, 2018

* Denotes Southwest Books of the Year selection


The American West - General

  1. Adams, Alexander B. Sunlight and Storm: The Great American Plains. An account of the Great Plains from the appearance of the first Europeans to the opening of the twentieth century. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1977. Dust jacket with rubbing. $15.00

  2. Adams, Ansel with Mary Street Alinder. Ansel Adams: An Autobiography. Completed just prior to his death, Adams' tells of his adventures and friendships. 1st edition. New York Graphic Society Book. Little, Brown, 1985. Dust jacket. $30.00

  3. SOLD Adams, Ansel. Ansel Adams: Letters and Images 1916-1984. A combination of photographs and his correspondence. New York Graphic Society Book. 1st edition. Little, Brown, 1988. Dust jacket, oversize. $40.00

  4. Adams, Ansel and Robert Adams. Reinventing the West: The Photographs of Ansel Adams and Robert Adams. Addison Gallery of American Art. Soft cover. $25.00

  5. Adams, Ansel. Yosemite and the High Sierra. Edited by Andrea G. Stillman, introduction by John Szarkowski. This book brings together the finest photographs of Yosemite in a single volume. 1st edition. Little, Brown, 1994. Dust jacket, oversize. $50.00

  6. Adventures in the West: Stories for Young Readers. Edited by Suzanne George Bloomfield and Eric Melvin Reed. Stories written by such authors as Lummis, Olaf Baker, Enoch Mills, James Schultz, L. Frank Baum and Mary Austin. University of Nebraska Press, 2007. Soft cover. $19.95

  7. American Photography from the Fred White, Jr. Collection. Compiled by Fred White, Jr., preface by William S. Reese and introduction by Ann Fabian. Catalogue 28, which features images from across the country. Contains data on each photograph. Frontier American Corporation, 1978. Soft cover, oversize. $15.00

  8. Anderson, Eva Greenslit. Dog-team Doctor: the Story of Dr. Romig. Biography of Joseph Herman Romig, a doctor in Alaska who traveled the territory. Caxton, 1947. Decorated green cloth. $15.00

  9. SOLD Arellano, Gustavo. Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America. An entertaining, tasty trip through the history and culture of Mexican food in this country, uncovering great stories and charting the cuisine's tremendous popularity in el Norte. Scribner, 2012. Dust jacket. $25.00

  10. Arnold, Sam. Sam Arnold's Fryingpans West. Cookbook from the national TV series on Food and Drinks from the Frontier. Illustrated. Arnold and Co., 1985. Soft cover. $15.00

  11. Baber, Daisy F. as told by Bill Walker. Injun Summer: An Old Cowhand Rides the Ghost Trails. Stories of a cowboy, trapper, Indian fighter with tales of people he knew such as Billy the Kid and Calamity Jane. 1st edition. Caxton Printers, 1952. Dust jacket. $32.50

  12. Back, Joe. The Sucker's Teeth. Rollicking stories with humor about cowboys and hunting. Illustrated by the author. Sage Books, 1965. Dust jacket. $25.00

  13. SOLD Badlam, Alexander. The Wonders of Alaska. With illustrations and maps. Contains all kinds of information on Alaska. Bancroft Co., 1890. Blue decorative cloth with minor wear. $135.00

  14. SOLD book cover Ball, Edward. The Inventor and the Tycoon: A Gilded Age Murder and the Birth of Moving Pictures. A riveting true life/true crime narrative of the partnership between the murderer who invented the movies and the robber baron who built the railroads. Doubleday, 2013. Dust jacket. $29.95

  15. SOLD Bancroft, Caroline. Unique Ghost Towns and Mountain Spots. Assisted by Daniel K. Peterson. Johnson Books, 2002. Wraps. $5.95

  16. SOLD Barnes, Christine. Great Lodges of the National Parks. Photography by Fred Pflughoft & David Morris. An illustrated history celebrating the archtectural treasures placed in the midst of astonishing natural beauty. The companion book to the PBS television series. W. W. West, 2002. Dust jacket. $35.00

  17. SOLD Bauer, Linda and Steve. Recipes from Historic America: Cooking & Traveling with America's Finest Hotels. Chronicles the past and present of 45 inns, hotels and restaurants across the country, including the Hermosa Inn, La Fonda, the Cliff House at Pikes Peak, and the Hotel del Coronado. Bright Sky Press, 2006. Dust jacket. $29.95

  18. SOLD Beadle, William Henry Harrison. Autobiography of William Henry Harrison Beadle. Beadle's account of his primarily after the Civil War in the Dakota territories. Reprinted in 1938, South Dakota State Historical Society. Blue cloth with cracked hinge. $40.00

  19. Bechdolt, Frederick R. Giants of the Old West. Stores of Sam Houston, David Crockett, Brigham Young, Charles Goodnight, William Becknell, John Colter, John Sutter nd Alexander Majors. 1st edition. Century Co., 1930. Green embossed cloth with gold printing. $25.00

  20. Bechdolt, Frederick R. Tales of the Old-Timers. Previous owner's inscription dated 1924. 1st edition. Century Co., 1924. Tan cloth with pictorial writing. $40.00

  21. Bechdolt, Frederick R. When the West was Young. Previous owner's initials on front endsheet. Some damage on first sheets. 1st edition. Red cloth. $20.00

  22. Bennett, Estelline. Old Deadwood Days. The story of this frontier town with such characters as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Mineral Jack and Belle Haskell lived or passed through. University of Nebraska Press. Soft cover. $18.95

  23. SOLD The Best of True West. Edited by Joe Austell Small. Stories by well known Western authors such as Homer Croy, Dobie, Murbarger, and Walter Prescott Webb, with topics ranging from Cap Mossman, Joe Meek, and Skeleton Canyon. 1st edition. Signed by Small. Julian Messner, 1964. Dust jacket. $20.00

  24. SOLD Bettmann, Otto L. The Good Old Days - They Were Terrible! Stories of bygone times. Ilustrated with period drawings. Previous owner's label on half-title page. Random House, 1974. Soft cover. $6.95

  25. The Big Empty Land: Essays on Western Landscaps as Narrative. Edited by Leonard Engel. A collection of essays by historians and literary scholars to redefine the meaning of the West, including such authors as Patricia Limerick, James Ronda and Howard Lamar. 1st edition. University of New Mexico Press, 1994. Dust jacket. $20.00

  26. Billington, Ray Allen. Land of Savagery Land of Promise: The European Image of the American Frontier. A fresh view of how the Europeans saw America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. W. W. Norton, 1981. Dust jacket. $10.00

  27. SOLD Birney, Hoffman. Grim Journey. The story of the adventures of the emigrating company known as the Donner Party. Narrative of Mr. Eddy, a survivor who lost his wife and children. Spine loose and hinge cracked. Minton, Balch, 1934. Red cloth with spine faded and wear. $15.00
  28. The Black Hills. Photographic guide and tourist promotional pamphlet on the Black Hills. Burlington Route, 1939. Wraps. $20.00

  29. SOLD Blair, Margaret Berry with R. Palmer Howard. Scapel in a Saddlebag: The Story of a Physician in Indian Territory: Virgil Berry, MD. Biography of a doctor who practiced at the turn of the 20th Century and raised his family in the Indian Territory. Western Heritage Books, 1979. Pale green boards. $40.00

  30. Blay, John S. After the Civil War: A Pictorial Profile of America from 1865 to 1900. Text and images touching on such subjects as Arts, everyday life, capital and labor, reconstruction, and the last frontier. Thomas Crowell, 1960. Black cloth, oversize. $15.00

  31. SOLD Borneman, Walter R. Alaska: Saga of a Bold Land. The first up-to-date comprehensive history of Alaska - from Russian fur traders to the Gold Rush, extraordinary railroads, World War II, the oil boom, and the fight over ANWR. Signed by the author. 1st edition. HarperCollins, 2003. Dust jacket. $34.95

  32. Brandt, Anthony. The Man Who Ate His Boots: The Tragic History of the Search for the Northwest Passage. The enthralling and often harrowing history of the adventurers who searched for the Northwest Passage, focusing on the Britsh explorers who endured starvation, scurvy, and cannibalism. 1st edition. Alfred Knopf, 2010. Dust jacket. $28.95

  33. SOLD Brant, Kathleen. Western National Parks' Lodges Cookbook. Recipes mixed with fascinating histories of the fifteen great lodges in ten national parks, including Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Zion, Yosemite and Glacier. Filled with wonderful photographs. Northland Publishing, 2007. $24.95

  34. The Break of Day in Chino. Compiled and edited by Edwin Rhodes. A collection of incidents and impressions marking the early life of Chino as recorded by various authors. Bookplate of previous owner on title page as well as stamp, "Compliments of Chino Rotary Club." P-B Press, 1951. Yellow soft cover with small stain. $10.00

  35. SOLD Brown, Corinne Joy. Come and Get It!: The Saga of Western Dinnerware. Colorful, illustrated history of dishes with a western the. Signed by the author. Johnson Books, 2011. Soft cover, oversize. $29.95

  36. SOLD Brown, Randy and Reg Duffin. Graves and Sites on the Oregon and California Trails. Provides historic information and photographs of the sites. 2nd edition. Oregon-California Trails, Association, 1998. Oversize soft cover. $17.95

  37. Browning, James A. The Western Reader's Guide: A Selected Bibliography of Nonfiction Magazines, 1953-91. 1st edition. Barbed Wire Press, 1992. Dust jacket. $30.00

  38. SOLD Brownlee, Robert. An American Odyssey: The Autobiography of a 19th-Century Scotsman, Robert Brownlee, at the Request of his Children, Napa County, California October 1892. Edited by Patricia A. Etter. The story of a Scott and his experiences in New York, Arkansas and his travels to California including the goldfields in the early 1850s. Portion of the front endsheet cut out, includes a partial inscription from the editor Pat Etter. 1st edition. University of Arkansas Press, 1986. Dust jacket. $20.00

  39. SOLD Bullis, Don. Old West Trivia Book. New & completely revised. The glamor and fascination of the Old West is brought to life in a new way in this interesting collection of facts and figures. Rio Grande Books, 2009. Soft cover. $17.95

  40. Byrd, Rear Admiral Richard E. Little America: Aerial Exploration in the Antarctic the Flight to the South Pole. The story of the Byrd Antarctic expedition. Includes the flyer for the "Byrd Prize Letter Context" held by G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1st edition. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1930. Dust jacket with wear. $45.00

  41. Byrd, Commander Richard E. Skyward. Man's mastery of the air as shown by flights of America's leading air explorer. Contains his life, adventures, north pole and trans-Atlanticflights and plans for the Antarctic by air. 1st edition. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1928. Dust jacket with wear and tears. $45.00

  42. Capstick, Peter Hathaway. Death in the Silent Places. Former big-game hunter recounts the exploits of some of the greatest hunters in the past. St. Martin's Press, 1981. Dust jacket. $23.95

  43. Carolan, Herbert. Motor Tales and Travels In and Out of California. Contains trips to Arizona and Nevada along with photographs. Includes the original packing slip from the publisher. 1st edition. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1936. Blue cloth. $35.00

  44. Casagrande, Louis B. and Phillips Bourns. Side Trips: The Photography of Sumner W. Matteson 1898-1908. Photographs with notes taken in the Southwest, Mexico, Far West, Cuba and Midwest. 1st edition. Milwaukee Public Museum, 1983. Soft cover, oblong. $35.00

  45. SOLD Casey, Robert J. The Black Hills and Their Incredible Characters: A Chronicle and Guide. History and guide to the region filled with Generals Custer and Miles, Native Americans and Mt. Rushmore. Contains photographs of natural attractions and "The Guide" with current informationon attractions, towns, routes in the Black Hills in the back pocket. 1st edition. Bobbs-Merrill, 1949. Dust jacket. $30.00

  46. SOLD A Catalogue of the Everett D. Graff Collection of Western Americana. Compiled by Colton Storm. Annotated bibliography containing those of entries. The bulk of these primary materials focuses on the exploration and settlement of the Trans-Mississippi West. Newberry Library, University of Chicago Prtess, 1968. Dust jacket. $37.50

  47. Coffman, Lloyd W. Blazing A Wagon Trail To Oregon: A Weekly Chronicle of the Great Miration of 1843. The story of the Great Migration, told mostly in their own words, which established the road and the procedure for all future wagon-train migrations west. Caxton Press, 2012. Soft cover. $15.95

  48. SOLD Convis, Charles L. Explorers of the Old West. True tales of the Old West, fascinating stories about the little known and little known stories about the famous, includes such characters as Peter Skene Ogden, John Ledyard, Francisco Garces, Pierre Radisson and Bonneville. Pioneer Press, 2003. Soft cover.

  49. SOLD Convis, Charles L. Frontier Preachers and Prophets. True tales of the Old West, fascinating stories about the little known and little known stories about the famous, includes such characters as Narcissa Whitman, Anthony Ravalli, Hector McLean, Edwin Alden and Endicott Peabody. Pioneer Press, 2003. Soft cover.
  50. SOLD Convis, Charles L. Teamsters, Packers & Bullwhackers. True tales of the Old West, fascinating stories about the little known and little known stories about the famous, includes such characters as William Manly, Zack Sutley, Bill Hooker, J. L. Sanderson Stage Line, Death Valley Borax Wagons. Pioneer Press, 2003. Soft cover. $7.95

  51. SOLD Corle, Edwin. The Royal Highway. History of the El Camino Real, now U.S. 101, which extends from Lower California up the coast to San Francisco with stories of the early exploers, Cabrillo and Dranke to the Spanish soldiers and priests to the Mexican influence and finally the settlement of Americans. Illustrated. 1st edition. Bobbs-Merrill, 1949. Dust jacket with wear, tears and missing piece on bottom of spine. $25.00 *

  52. SOLD Coulombe, Joseph L. Mark Twain and the American West. Explores how Mark Twain deliberately manipulated contemporary conceptions of the American West. Paperpack printing of 2003 hardcover edition. University of Missouri Press, 2011. Soft cover. $25.00

  53. SOLD Coursey, O. W. Beautiful Black Hills: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Black Hills of South Dakota, non-technical, for Popular Reading. 1st edition. Educator Supply Co, 1926. Red cloth. $22.50

  54. SOLD Cox, Mike. Historic Photos of Heroes of the Old West. Through photographs, the compelling history of the Old West is told, from Zebulon Pike to Wyatt Earp and John Wesley Powell. Turner, 2010. Dust jacket, Oversize. $39.95

  55. SOLD Craig, Nute. Thrills 1861 to 1887. Interesting piece of a man's adventures from the Civil War to in the West, including his days in Wyoming. 1st edition. N.N.Craig, 1927. Brown cloth. $65.00

  56. SOLD Dary, David, ed. True Tales of the Old-Time Plains. Stories of the people and animnals and events in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas. 1st edition. Crown, 1979. Dust jacket. $35.00

  57. Davis, William C. The American Frontier: Pioneers, Settlers, and Cowboys 1800 - 1899. Chronicles the history of the territory beyond the Mississippi, using 52 color illustrations and over 250 historic photographs. University of Oklahoma Press, 1999. Soft cover, oversize. $19.95

  58. Demlinger, Sandor. Stagecoach: Rare Views of the Old West 1849-1915. Over 280 rare and often unpublished vintage photographs explore life in the Old West, supported with narratives, many in the first person and important historical information. Schiffer, 2004. Soft cover. $24.95

  59. Denver Chamber of Commerce. Ninth Annual Report of the Denver Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade. 1891. Red cover, Wraps. $60.00

  60. Dodge, Richard Irving. The Plains of North America and Their Inhabitants. Edited by Wayne R. Kime. When originally published in 1876, this volume was hailed as the finest book written on the subject. Dodge served as a career Army officer for more than twenty years on the plains, noting its physical features and native inhabitants. Kime provided a historical introduction, explanatory notes, commentary and index. University of Delaware Press, 1989. Dust jacket. $27.50

  61. Drache, Hiram M. The Day of the Bonanza: A History of Bonanza Farming in the Red River Valley of the North. Farming along the Red River through North Dakota. North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies 1969. Dust jacket. $17.50

  62. Drennan, William R. Death in a Prairie House: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders. Fascinating and insightful examination of a Wisconsin crime of the century that changed Wright's life. University of Wisconsin Press, 2007. Dust jacket. 29.95

  63. Driggs, Howard R. Westward America. With reproductions of water color paintngs by William H. Jackson. Contains forty chapters on the American frontier and the people who helped open the trails and settled the West, using many first hand sources. Somerset Books, 1942. Dust jacket, with major tears and pieces missing. $25.00

  64. SOLD Dubin, Lois Sherr. The History of Beads from 30,000 B.C. to the Present. Illustrated history with a chapter on North American beads. Harry N. Abrams, 1987. Dust jacket oversize. $100.00

  65. Dufresne, Frank. My Way was North: An Alaskan Autobiography. Introduction by Corey Ford with drawings by Rachel S. Horne. Story of a man who went to Alaska after WWI and writes what it was like in the 1920s and 1930s. Previous owner's name on front endsheet. 1st edition. Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1966. Dust jacket wear and small tears on edges. $15.00

  66. Duke, Donald. "The American West in Postage Stamps." Issue of Branding Iron published by the Los Angeles Corral of Westerners, June 1980, Number 139. Wraps. $7.50

  67. SOLD Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne. Red Dirt: Growing Up Okie. A classic in contemporary Oklahoma literature - story of growing up poor during the 1940s and 1950s. University of Oklahoma Press, 2006. Soft cover. $14.95

  68. SOLD Eastern Pennington County Memories. Stories and tales of this South Dakota region. Illustrated with photographs of people, buildings and landscape. America Legion Auxiliary, Wall, S.D., 1965. Decorated casebound. $35.00

  69. Eberstadt, Edward. The William Robertson Coe Collection of Western Americana. A sampling of the library at the Yale University. Yale University Press, 1952. Soft cover. $15.00

  70. SOLD Ellsworth, Lois Miller. Tales of Broncho Charlie: Youngest Rider of the Pony Express. The life and times of Broncho Charlie, the youngest rider for the Pony Express, and a member of Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show. Hollis Books, 1999. New soft cover, lower front corner of cover has a crease. $75.00

  71. Emmerling, Mary. Mary Emmerling's American Country West: A Style and Source Book. Text by Carol Sama Sheehan, photographs by Michael Skott, designed by Richard Trask. Captures the Indian Southwest of Arizona and New Mexico, the rural ranchlands and farmlands of the American West. 1st edition. Clarkson N. Potter, 1985. Dust jacket. $35.00

  72. SOLD Engelhardt, Fr. Zephyrin, O.F.M. Mission San Carlos Borromeo (Camelo) The Father of the Missions. Part of the Missions and Missionaries of California series. Illustrated with photographs and drawings. Frontispiece repaired with tape. Mission Santa Barbara, 1934. Stiff brown cover. $30.00

  73. Etulain, Richard W. and Michael P. Malone. The American West: A Modern History, 1900 to the Present. Second edition. Preface and new chapter by Etulain on the new Western Generation. A hisgtorical overview of the post-1900 West. University of Nebraska Press, 2007. Soft cover. $19.95

  74. SOLD Etulain, Richard W. & Ferenc M. Szasz. The American West in 2000: Essays in Honor of Gerald D. Nash. During his long distinguished career, Gerald Nash made several major contributions to the study of modern American history. This collection of essays on the recent American West testifies to the extensive impact that he has had on shaping the contours of these historical fields. Contains ten original essays by historians as Art Gomez, Donald Pixani, Majorie Bell Chambers, Gene Gressley and others. 1st edition. University of New Mexico Press, 2003. Dust jacket. $29.95

  75. Etulain, Richard W. Telling Western Stories From Buffalo Bill to Larry McMurtry. Examines four distrinct storytelling traditions and explores the images each has left in the public's mind University of New Mexico Press, 1999. Soft cover. $17.95

  76. Evans, Lawton B. With Pack & Saddle: Famous American Frontier Stories. Illustrated by R. A. Ewing. Previous owner's bookplate on front endsheet and minor discoloration. 1st edition. Milton Bradley, 1930. Black cloth. $20.00

  77. SOLD Eyewitness to the American West: 500 Years of Firsthand History. Edited by David Colbert. A colorful, fascinating portrait of some of history's most interesting turning points. Penguin, 1999. Soft cover. $14.95

  78. SOLD Fallows, Rev. Samuel. Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror. Also contains Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius by Richard Linthicum and additional material by Trumbull White. A comprehensive and connected account of the earthquake and fire with photographs. Hubert D. Russell, 1906. Cloth with paper label, minor fading of printing. $50.00

  79. SOLD Fatout, Paul. Ambrose Bierce and the Black Hills. Story of the famous author and his time in the Black Hills. Previous owner's bookplate on inside front cover. 1st edition. Spine loose. University of Oklahoma Press, 1956. Dust jacket. $20.00

  80. SOLD Feitz, Leland. Myers Avenue: A Quick History of Cripple Creek's Red-Light District. The story of a small area of this Colorado town, with photos. Previous owner's name on title page. Golden Bell Press, 1968. Wraps. $12.50

  81. Fletcher, Bob. Montana Highway Historial Markers. Listing with some photographs of Montana markers. Naegele Pub., 1938. Soft cover. $10.00

  82. SOLD Fowler, Gene. Timber Line: A Story of Bonfils and Tammen. Histoy of F. G. Bonfils and H. H. Tammen, owners of the Denver Post. Garden City Books, 1951. Dust jacket with wear and water stain. $8.00.

  83. The Frontier Challenge: Responses to the Trans-Mississippi West. Edited by John G. Clark. Collection of essays written by some of the West's noted scholars including Prucha Pomeroy, Haga and Gates. University Press of Kansas, 1971. Dust jacket. $10.00

  84. SOLD Galbreath, Lester. Campfire Tales: True Stories from the Western Frontier. Crowded with trail-driving cowboys, whiskey-guzzling gunslingers and fierce-riding Indians, this book captures the drama and excitement of the western frontier. Bright Sky Press, 2005. Soft cover. $19.95

  85. Galen Rowell: A Restrospective. Compiled by the editors of Sierra Club Books. Beautiful oversize book filled with color photographs by this noted photographer. Sierra Club Books, 2006. Oversize dust jacket. $50.00

  86. SOLD Gard, Robert E. and Elaine Reetz. The Trail of the Serpent: The Fox River Valley Lore and Legend. Includes Reuben Gold Thwaites journey down the Fox River and other stories of this Wisconsin region. Previous owner's inscription on front endsheet. 1st edition. Wisconsin House, 1973. Dust jacket. $25.00

  87. Garry, Jim This Ol' Drought Ain't Broke Us Yet (But We're All Bent Pretty Bad). Gary shares his special stories about Western life and the land that defines it from haunting ranches to retirement homes. 1st edition. Orion Books, 1992. Dust jacket. $18.00

  88. SOLD Gates, Paul W. Landlords and Tenants on the Prairie Frontier: Studies in American Land Policy. Collection of essays by the leading authority on public land questions, showing how America's national land system functioned in the prairie states before the Homestead Act in 1862. 1st edition. Cornell University Press, 1973. Dust jacket. $25.00

  89. book cover Ghent, W. J. The Road to Oregon: A Chronicle of the Great Emigrant Trail. Story of the early overland adventure. Pictorial map on endsheets. Tudor Publishing Co., 1934. Dark green cloth. $25.00

  90. Goodall, Mary. Oregon's Iron Dream: A Story of Old Oswego and the Proposed Iron Empire of the West. Story of the town's settlement and the early pioneers, including Chinese laborers, Quebec nuns and the entrepreneurs. Previous owner's inscription on front endsheet. Binsford & Mort, 1958. Dust jacket with wears and tears. $15.00

  91. SOLD Great Ghost Towns of the West. Photography by Tom Till; Essay by Teresa Jordan. Discover for yourself the enchantment of old ghost towns, the mysterious essence still emanating from these deserted communities. Graphic Arts Center Publishing, 2001. Dust jacket. $39.95

  92. Greenough, William Parker. Canadian Folk-Life and Folk-Lore. Discussed various aspects of life in Canada, including, marriage, language, amusements and religion. Illustrated. Previous owner's names on front endsheets. George H. Richmond, 1897. Green decorated cloth. $15.00

  93. Gressley, Gene M. The Twentieth-Century American West: A Potpourri. A collection of six essays examining and defining the contemporary American West. 1st edition. University of Missouri Press, 1977. Dust jacket. $19.00

  94. SOLD Hage, Wayne. Storm Over Rangelands: Private Lands in Federal Lands. A project of the Federal Lands Conference. 1st edition. Free Enterprise Press, 1989. Soft cover. $9.95

  95. SOLD Hague, Harlan. The Road to California: The Search for a Southern Overland Route 1540-1848. American Trails Series XI. 1st edition. Arthur H. Clark Co., 1978. Red cloth. $75.00

  96. Hammond, Anne. Ansel Adams: Divine Performance. A major study of Adams's life and art, discussing the evolution of his landscape art and aesthetic significance. Yale University Press, 2002. Dust jacket. $35.00

  97. SOLD Hannon, Jessie Gould. The Boston-Newton Company Venture: From Massachusetts to California in 1849. The story of a trip across America using the diaries of two members of the Boston-Newton company. 1st edition. University of Nebraska Press, 1969. Dust jacket. $27.50

  98. The Harriman Alaska Expedition Retraced: A Century of Change, 1899-2001. Edited by Thomas S. Litwin and foreword by David Rockefeller Jr. A unique and valuable perspective of a century of dramatic change in Alaska. Following the ship's route, the book addresses wilderness conservation biology and ecology, American history, natural hisotry, anthropology, and travel and exploration. Rutgers University Press, 2005. Dust jacket. $29.95

  99. Hartman, Monte. America's 100th Meridian: A Plains Journey. Photographs and text by Monte Hartman with an essay by William Kittredge. Colorful images enhance this story of travel across the Plains. Plains Histories Series. Texas Tech University Press, 2005. Dust jacket. $39.95

  100. SOLD Haskell, William B. Two Years in the Klondike and Alaskan Gold-Fields 1896-1898: A Thrilling Narrative of Live in the Gold Mines and Camps. Preface by Terrance Cole. This classic reprint is details the personal experiences and adventures in the gold regions of Alaska and the Klondike, detailing hardships and privations of miner's life. University of Alaska Press, 1998. Dust jacket. $34.95

  101. SOLD Hayes, Derek. Historical Atlas of the United States: With Original Maps. Using more than five hundred historical maps from collections around the world, this stunning book is the first to tell the story of America's past from a geographical perspective. University of California Press, 2006. Dust jacket. $39.95

  102. SOLD Hayes County Heritage Book: 100 Years of Progress 1877-1977 (cover title.) Book prepared by the Hayes County Bicentennial Committee. History of the people and county of Hayes Nebraska. White soft cover, oversize. $20.00

  103. Henshaw, Betty Grant. Children of the Dust: An Okie Family Story. Edited by Sandra Scofield. Introduction by Victoria Smith. Captures the harsh realities of growing up poor in the 1930s and 1940s. Texas Tech University Press, 2006. Dust jacket. $29.95 *

  104. SOLD Hine, Robert V. and John Mack Faragher. Frontiers: A Short History of the American West. A concise edition of their classic work, The American West, freshly updatedand rewritten for a popular audience. Yale University Press, 2007. Dust jacket. $28.00

  105. Hirsch, Jerrold. Portrait of America: A Cultural History of the Federal Writers' Project. Hirsch treats the FWP not as a peculiar product of the 1930s, but as an important part of America's cultural and intellectual history in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. By emphasizing the cultural and historical influences, he explains persuasively why the guidebooks should be seen as transcending the 1930s. University of North Carolina Press, 2003. Soft cover. $19.95

  106. Historic Independence. Illustrated, informational pamphlet on Independence Missouri. Independence Chamber of Commerce. c. 1945. Wraps. $10.00

  107. A History of Medicine In Pictures. Presented by Parke-Davis. Story of medicine with black and white paintings. Wraps. $5.00

  108. SOLD Hoagland, Edward. Notes from the Century Before: A Journal from British Columbia. Story of the author's trip to the wild country of British Columbia in 1966 and his record of a way of life that was in the process of disappearing at the time he was visiting. 1st edition. Random House, 1969. Black cloth with bronze decorative design. $50.00

  109. SOLD Holdredge, Helen. Mammy Pleasant's Partner. Biography of Thomas Frederick Bell, California entrepreneur and associate of the notorious black madam. Previous owner's stamp on front endsheet. G. P. Putnam's Son, 1954. Black spine with paper decorated boards. $20.00

  110. SOLD Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas. Photography the Frontier. Contains biographies and pictures of a large number of the photographers of the frontier - beginning in the 1840s when the first photographers ventured west with government exploration parties. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1980. Dust jacket. $27.50

  111. SOLD Hooker, William Francis. The Bullwhacker: Adventures of a Frontier Freighter. Edited by Howard R. Driggs. Illustrated by Herman Palmer with photographers. Pioneer Life Series. Presentation copy signed by Driggs. World Book Company, 1940. Decorated cloth. $20.00

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  230. The Western Pursuit of the American Dream: Selections from the Collection of Kenneth W. Rendell. A collection of books, art, and artifacts, seeing the world of pioneers through their eyes. Exhibition National Heritage Museum 2004 - 2005. Historical publications, 2004. Dust jacket. $39.95

  231. Western Subjects: Autobiographical Writing in the North American West. Edited by Kathleen A. Boardman and Gioia Woods. The essays in this anthology explore the idea of place as it is revealed in a variety of texts rooted in the West. University of Utah Press, 2004. Soft cover. $24.95

  232. SOLD The Westerners Brand Book (Los Angeles Corral) Book 8. Topics include Louis Akin, John Wesley Hardin and Adobe in California. 1959. Dust jacket. $100.00

  233. Westward the Way: The Character and Development of the Louisiana Territory as seen by Artists and Writers of the Nineteen Century. Edited by Perry T. Rathbone. Providing a new approach to history in picture and work with 225 illustrations. Contains selections by noted authors and historical figures. City Art Museum of St. Louis, 1954. Dust jacket with minor wear on edges. $20.00

  234. Williams, Albert N. The Black Hills: Mid-Continent Resort. Part of the American Resort Series no. 4, that brings this region to life. 1st edition. Southern Methodist University Press, 1952. Dust jacket with minor wear. $20.00

  235. Winther, Oscar Osburn and Richard A. Van Orman. A Classified Bibliography of the Periodical Literature of the Trans-Mississippi West: A Supplement (1957-1967). Lists articles by subject then author. Indiana University Press, 1970. Soft cover, with minor wear. $10.00

  236. SOLD Woodbury, Chuck. The Best From Out West: Tales Gathered Along the Back Roads of the West. Woodbury treats us to a vision of an unfamiliar western terrain, eating cow brains, cheezits, space burgers and potato ice cream. 1st edition. William Morrow & Co., 1990. Dust jacket. $22.50

  237. The World Almanac of the American West. Edited by John S. Bowman, introduction by Alvin M. Josephy. An entertaining source book about the American West; invaluable reference on the events and personalities. World Almanac. Soft cover with minor wear. $8.00

  238. SOLD Wright, Mike. What They Didn't Teach You About the Wild West. Uncovers little known facts about the Western frontier. Presidio, 2000. Dust jacket. $24.95

Buffalo Bill, Wild West Shows, Rodeos and Western Movies

    All books now available on Buffalo Bill, Wild West Shows, Rodeos, and Western Movies are on our new website.

    Please call to verify the availablity of any books listed below.


  1. SOLD Bosworth, Patricia. John Wayne: The Legend and the Man. Foreword by Martin Scorsese ; remembrance by Maureen O'Hara ; interview with Ron Howard ; remembrance by Ronald Reagan. The book celebrates the Duke's life and legacy through film stills, backstage photos, and snapshots, ranging from his cinematic masterpieces to a surprising variety of early career, leading-man films. Also included are a wide selection of fan mail art; family albums, photos from friends and loved ones, and the many treasures gathered over the years in his immense archive. powerHouse Books, 2012. Casebound. $45.00

  2. SOLD Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park. Brochure state describes Cody and his Ranch, Scout's Rest. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, n.d. Wraps. $1.00

  3. SOLD Cody, William F. The Wild West In England. Edited and with an introduction by Frank Christianson. Here Cody describes his Wild West exhibition, the show that offered audiences a mythic experience of the American frontier. University of Nebraska Press, 2012. Soft cover. $17.95

  4. SOLD Costello, Ben. Gunsmoke: An American Institution. Illustrated history which celebrates 50 years of television's Best Western. Foreword by Jim Byrnes with preface by Jon Voight. Five Star Publications, 2006. Dust jacket, oblong. $75.00

  5. SOLD Crosby, Thelma and Eve Ball. Bob Crosby: World Champion Cowboy. Illustrations by Olive Vandruff Bugbee. Story of one of the rodeo's greatest all-around bowboys - originally published forty years ago. Wild Horse Press, 2006. Soft cover. $16.95

  6. SOLD Day, Donald. Will Rogers: A Biography. The story of beloved American icon. David McKay Co., 1962. Dust jacket. $17.50

  7. SOLD Etulain, Richard W. & Glenda Riley, eds. The Hollywood West: Lives of Film Legends Who Shaped it. This book brings into focus the most influential characters and themes of the Western. Fulcrum Publishing, 200l. Softcover. $17.95

  8. SOLD Everson, William K. A Pictorial History of the Western Film. Citadel Press, 1969. Traces the history of the Western film genre from its beginnings in the 1900s through the 1960s. Contains many stills from Western films, as well as actor publicity shots. Good. Soft cover. $10.00

  9. book cover SOLD Eyman, Scott. John Wayne: The Life and Legend. Draws on first-person interviews in a revelatory portrait that includes coverage of his early life with his difficult parents, his anti-Communist conservative beliefs and his stormy marriages. Simon & Schuster, 2014. Dust jacket. $32.50 *

  10. SOLD Kahn, Margot. Horses That Buck: The Story of Champion Bronc Rider Bill Smith. The story of a talented and determined man who forges himself into a champion. University of Oklahoma Press, 2008. $24.95

  11. Lahue SOLD Lahue, Kalton C. Riders of the Range: The Sagebrush Heroes of the Sound Screen. Biographical chapters on many of the Western movie actors, including Tim Holt, Buster Crabbe, Rex Allen and Gene Autry. Illustrated with photographs. Castle Books, 1973. Dust jacket with minor wear. $20.00

  12. SOLD The Landscape of Hollywood Westerns: Ecocriticism in an American Film Genre. Edited by Deborah A. Carmichael. Encourages readers to reconsider the Hollywood Western as a valid and respectable subject on ecological and environmental concerns. The University of Utah Press, 2006. Soft cover. $21.95

  13. SOLD Malham, Joseph. John Ford: Poet in the Desert. Biography of this noted film director and producer. Lake Street Press, 2013. Soft cover. $22.95

  14. SOLD Mickel, Jere C. Footlights on the Prairie. The book covers the stars, show operations, and tours of many of the tent show theater groups which traveled the middle-western small towns. 1st edition. North Star Press, 1974. Dust jacket. $24.50

  15. SOLD Mix, Paul E. The Life and Legend of Tom Mix. The illustrated biography describing the cowboy that was and what people thought. 1st edition.  A. S. Barnes, 1972. Dust jacket worn and rubbed. $40.00

  16. book cover Monaghan, Jay. The Great Rascal: The Life and Adventures of Ned Buntline. The exploits of the amazing Buntline, king of the dime novelists, Buffalo Bill's Promoter, Soldier, Sportsman, Western Trader, Roue, Politicial Manipulator, Adventurer Extraordinary. Little Brown & Co., 1952. Dust jacket. $22.50 *

  17. SOLD Morris, Abe. My Cowboy Hat Still Fits: My Life as a Rodeo Star. Story of Champion Bull Rider and black rodeo cowboy. Signed by the author. Prong Horn Press, 2005. Soft cover. $20.00

  18. SOLD Munn, Michael. John Wayne: The Man Behind the Myth. Biography of the man and his movies. New American Library, 2005. Soft cover. $14.95

  19. SOLD Munro, Roxie. Rodeo. Get ready to Rodeo. Young readers find 50 flaps to life, surprise, entertain and learn about the exciting Rodeo events. Bright Sky Press, 2007. Casebound oversize. $15.95

  20. SOLD Pattie, Jane. John Wayne: The Star of . . . "A Western Celebration. Discusses the Duke's movies - filled with interesting facts and photos. Wilma Russell's Western Classics. 2007. Dust jacket, oversize. $100.00

  21. SOLD Porter, Willard H. Who's Who in Rodeo. Listing of National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Rodeo Historical Society, etc. Powder River Book Co., [1982]. Soft cover with minor wear. $25.00

  22. Rattenbury, Richard C. Arena Legacy: The Heritage of American Rodeo. Foreword by Larry Mahan, collection photography by Ed Muno. Showcasing the collections of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, this lavishly illustrated book is the first to depict rodeo's material and graphic heritage. University of Oklahoma Press, 2010. Dust jacket, oversize. $65.00

  23. SOLD Russell, Don. The Wild West: A History of the Wild West Shows. An exhibition-publication project on the origins of the Wild West Shows at the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art. 1st edition. 1970. Dust jacket. $45.00

  24. SOLD Sagala, Sandra K. Buffalo Bill on the Silver Screen: The Films of William F. Cody. Fascinating story of Cody's venture into film making during the early cinema period. 1st printing. University of Oklahoma Press, 2013. Dust jacket. $24.95

  25. SOLD Schnell, Fred. Rodeo! The Suicide Circuit. Illustrated history of the rodeo. Rand McNally & Co., 1971. Oversize Dust jacket. $25.00

  26. SOLD Schnell, Fred. Rodeo! The Suicide Circuit. Illustrated history of the rodeo. Rand McNally & Co., 1976. Oversize soft cover. $20.00

  27. SOLD World Championship Rodeo. Booklet on rodeo filled with illustrations and drawings. Whitman, 1987. Wraps. $20.00

Life on the Frontier

  1. SOLD Burnett, Linda. Pioneers: Adventure in a New Land. Illustrated history for the young reader. Trailblazers of the West. Children's Press, 2005. Soft cover. $6.95

  2. Carson, William G. B., revised by William C. Carson. Peter Becomes a Trail Man: The Story of a Boy's Journey on the Santa Fe Trail. Illustrated by Pat Oliphant. A young adult novel set on the Santa Fe Trail in the 1850s. University of New Mexico Press, 2002. Dust jacket. $12.95

  3. Delano, Alonzo. On the Trail to the California Gold Rush. Introduction by J. S. Holliday. First published in 1854, this is a California classic, the vivid story of a man who left his family and joined the rush to El Dorado in 1849. University of Nebraska Press, 2005. Soft cover. $16.95

  4. Frontier Re-examined. Edited by John Francis McDermott. Fresh insights into the character and development of the American West are provided in this collection of thirteen papers which re-examine a wide range of events central to nineteenth century frontier life. University of Illinois Press, 1967. Dust jacket with wear. $20.00

  5. Gossage, Alice and Joseph. Sunshine Always: Courtship letters of Alice Bower & Joseph Gossage of Dakota Territory. Edited and with introduction and epilogue by Paul M. Nelson, compiled and with afterword by Maxwell Van Nuys. Describes the romance of two young people in the harsh environment of Dakota Territory. South Dakota State Historical Society Press, 2006. Dust jacket. $24.95 *

  6. Hardeman, Nicholas Perkins. Wilderness Calling: The Hardeman Family in the American Westward Movement, 1750-1900. Story of a remarkable family who crossed America's moving frontiers from Virginia to the Cumberland Basin, on to the Missouri Territoy, Santa Fe and Texas up to Oregon and finally Califoria. 1st edition. University of Tennessee Press, 1977. Dust jacket. $20.00

  7. SOLD Hurtado, Albert L. Intimate Frontiers: Sex Gender and Culture in Old California. A new story about men and women in the far West from the 1760s to the 1850s. Vignettes introduce the reader to the famous and the forgotten, from Junipero Serra, Olive Oatman and Amelia Kuschinsky; to such topics as the Spanish missions and the Donner Party. University of New Mexico Press, 1994. Dust jacket. $39.95

  8. Jackson, Brenda K. Domesticating the West: The Re-creation of the Nineteenth-Century American Middle Class. Examines the motivations of migrants who moved west to build communities and establish themselves as leaders. University of Nebraska Press, 2005. Soft cover. $19.95 *

  9. SOLD Lothrop, Gloria Riccie, ed. Fulfilling the Promise of California: An Anthology of Essays on the Italian American Experience in California. Introduction by Andrew Rolle. The range of topics include the period of Spanish colonization of California, internment of Italian enemy alien to the contributions of Italian Americans to banking, agriculture, education and the arts. California Italian American Task Force and Arthur H. Clark Co., 2000. Dust jacket. $24.95

  10. SOLD Luchetti, Cathy "I Do!" - Courtship, Love and Marriage on the American Frontier A Glimpse at America's Romantic Past Through Photographs, Diaries and Journals 1715-1915 (1996) First Edition, Wraps, $ 27.50

  11. SOLD Palmer, Rosemary Gumundson. Children's Voices from the Trail: Narratives of the Platte River Road. Letters and diaries from youngsters who traveled the major overlandland routes. American Trails Series XX. Arthur H. Clark, 2002. Red cloth. $30.00

  12. SOLD Reid, John Phillip. Law for the Elephant: Property and Social Behavior on the Overland Trail. Significant contribution to American legal history and the American frontier. Huntington Library, 1997. $18.00

  13. SOLD Sutley, Zack T. The Last Frontier. 1st edition. Lively memoir of adventures in the Old West. to include tales of Kit Carson, Wild Bill, Jesse James, hunting with Buffalo Bill, Brigham Young, Jim Bridger, Custer, Indians, Deadwood, Black Hills, stage holdups, blizzards, the Sioux, hanging of Lame Johnny, and much more. Macmillan, 1930. Red boards. $70.00


  1. SOLD Altman, Ida. The War for Mexico's West: Indians and Spaniards in New Galicia, 1524-1550. Examines a dramatic, complex episode in the early history of New Spain. University of New Mexico Press, 2010. Soft cover. $28.95
  2. SOLD Bancroft, Hubert Howe. The Works Volume 16 History of the North Mexican States and Texas vol. 2 1801-1889. History Company, 1889. Tan cloth. $40.00

  3. Baum, Sandy. San Miguel's Mexican Exteriors. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs showing the old world charm of this central Mexico city. This unique book and its 325 images leads a tour of San Miguel's outdoor living at its finest. Schiffer, 2008. Dust jacket oversize. $39.95

  4. SOLD Braddy, Haldeen. The Paradox of Pancho Villa. The culmination of fifty years of research and writing, written by the expert on Villa. Postage stamp of Villa on title page. 1st edition. Previous owner's name on front endsheet. Texas Western Press, 1978. Dust jacket. $35.00

  5. SOLD Carroll, John M. The 7th U.S. Cavalry's Own Colonel Tommy Tompkins: A Military Heritage and Tradition. The story of a legend maker from Wounded Knee to Pancho Villa. J. M. Carroll & Company, 1984. Dust jacket. $37.50

  6. SOLD Caruso, A. Brooke. The Mexican Spy Company: United States Covert Operations in Mexico, 1845-1848. Activities in Texas, Mexico and New Mexico. McFarland, 1991. Reddish cloth. $32.00

  7. SOLD Cockcroft, James D. Intellectual Precursors of the Mexican Revolution 1900-1913. A case study of intellectuals with specific reference to Camilo Arriaga, Juan Sarabia, Librado Rivera and Antonio Diaz Soto y Gama. 1st edition. Front endsheet clipped. University of Texas Press, 1968. Dust jacket. $25.00

  8. SOLD Dawson, Alexander S. Indian and Nation in Revolutionary Mexico. Explores three decades of efforts on the part of government officials, social scientists, and indigenous leaders to renegotiate the place of native peoples in Mexican society. University of Arizona Press, 2004. Dust jacket. $45.00

  9. SOLD DePalo, William A., Jr. The Mexican National Army 1822-1852. The story of the thirty-five thousand that engineered Mexico's independence. Winner of the 1997 Presidio La Bahia Award. Texas A&M University Press, 1997. Soft cover. $24.95

  10. SOLD Fergusson, Erna. Fiesta in Mexico. Illustrations by Valentin Vidaurreta. Stories of the different festivals in Mexico. Presentation copy signed by the author. Previous owner's bookplate on front endsheet. 1st edition. Alfred A. Knopf, 1934. Yellow cloth. $30.00

  11. SOLD Freudenthal, Samuel J. El Paso Merchant and Civil Leader from the 1880's through the Mexican Revolution. Research and annotations by Floyd S. Fierman. Southwestern Studies No. 11. Texas Western Press, 1965. Soft cover. $15.00

  12. SOLD Howe, Jerome W. Campaigning in Mexico, 1916: Adventures of a Young Officer in General Pershing's Punitive Expedition. Together with an account of the fight at Carrizal by a surviror. Pen and Ink drawings by Charles Colley. Limited to 250 copies. Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society, 1968. Blue wraps. $50.00

  13. SOLD Jowett, P. and A. de Quesada. The Mexican Revolution 1910-20. Illustrated by Stephen Walsh. Osprey Elite No. 137. A concise but fact-packed account of the events, armies, uniforms and weapons of those ten chaotic and bloody years. Osprey, 2006. Soft cover. $18.95

  14. SOLD Knight, Alan. The Mexican Revolution volume 1: Porfirians, Liberals and Peasants volume 2: Counter-revolution and Reconstruction. Won the Albert Beveridge Prize of the American Historical Society in 1986 for the best history of the post-1492 Americas and the Bolton Prize of the Conference on Latin American History in 1987. University of Nebraska Press, 1990. Soft cover, 2 vols. $35.00
  15. SOLD Lamb, Dana and Ginger. Quest for the Lost City. After ten years of searching the Lambs reached the Lost City in the jungle country of Mexico near the Guatemala border. Bookplate from Johnstown Public Library. Minor markings on front endsheet. 1st edition. Harper & Brothers, 1951. Dust jacket worn. $20.00

  16. SOLD Liggett, Wm. [Bill], Sr. My Seventy-five Years Along the Mexican Border. Autobiography containing many adventures living along the Mexican border, including the time of the Mexican Revolution and Pancho Villa. Signed by the author. 1st edition. Exposition Press, 1964. Dust jacket. $75.00

  17. SOLD McCann, Capt. Irving Goff. With the National Guard on the Border: Our National Military Problem. Written by a Chaplain of the First Infantry Illinois National Guard. Presentation copy signed by the author. 1st edition. C. V. Mosby Co., 1917. Tan cloth. $100.00

  18. SOLD McLynn, Frank. Villa and Zapata: A Biography of the Mexican Revolution. A fiendishly complicated story into an admirable clear narrative. Pimlico (Random House), 2001. Soft cover. $14.00

  19. SOLD Means, Joyce E. Pancho Villa Days at Pilares. Stories and sketches of days-gone-by from the Valentine Country of West Texas. Inscribed by the author. 1976. Oversize soft cover. $30.00

  20. SOLD Monroy, Douglas. The Borders Within: Encounters Between Mexico and the U.S. Essays reflecting on some of the ways in which citizens of the two countries have misunderstood each other. University of Arizona Press, 2008. Soft cover. $21.95

  21. SOLD Morrill, Penny Chittim and Carole A. Berk. Mexican Silver: Modern Hand-wrought Jewelry & Metalwork. Chronicles the development of the silver renaissance in Mexico from its revolutionary beginnings in the 1920s to the present. Beautifully illustrated with examples. Revised and expanded 4th edition. Schiffer, 2007. Dust jacket oversize. $59.95

  22. SOLD Morrison, William V. and C. L. Sonnichsen. "They Killed Pancho Villa!" Article excerpted from Frontier Times Winter 1959/60. $5.00

  23. Ortiz Cofer, Judith. El ano de nuestra Revolucion. Spanish collection of poems, short stories and essays that bridge Hispanic parents and their children. Pinata Books, 2006. Soft cover. $9.95

  24. SOLD Osorio, Ruben. The Secret Family of Pancho Villa: An Oral History. Illustrated, written in English and Spanish. Translated by John Klingemann. Sul Ross State University, 2000. Soft cover. $20.00

  25. SOLD Pancho Villa: Intimate Recollections by People Who Knew Him. Edited by Jessie Peterson and Thelma Cox Knoles. A provocative oral biography by people whose lives were touched by Villa. Hastings House, 1977. Dust jacket. $45.00

  26. SOLD Poniatowska, Elena. Las Soldaderas: Women of the Mexican Revolution. Remarkable commentary to the historic photographs keeps alive the women of the Mexican Revolution. 1st English edition. Cinco Puntos Press, 2006. Soft cover. $12.95

  27. SOLD Provinces of the Revolution: Essays on Regional Mexican History 1910 - 1929. Edited by Thomas Benjamin & Mark Wasserman. Collection of 12 original essays addresses two fundamental questions: to what degree did the Revolution alter the basic socio-economic and political makeup of the Mexican state and what part did a popular uprising of the peasantry play in the course of the Revolution. 1st edition. University of New Mexico Press, 1990. Soft cover. $22.50

  28. SOLD Ragsdale, Kenneth Baxter. Wings Over the Mexican Border: Pioneer Military Aviation in the Big Bend. Compelling looking at the rise of U.S. combat aviation at an unlikely proving ground - the southwestern Texas Borderlands. Includes some information on the activities during Pancho Villa's time. 1st edition. University of Texas Press, 1984. Dust jacket. $40.00

  29. SOLD Smith, Gene. Until the Last Trumpet Sounds: The Life of General of the Armies John J. Pershing. Biography of the only six-star general whose military career started in the West, commanding Buffalo Soldiers, participating in the Wounded Knee campaign and chased Pancho Villa in Mexico.1st edition. John Wiley, 1998. Dust jacket. $25.00

  30. SOLD Tompkins, Colonel Frank. Chasing Villa: The Last Campaign of the U.S. Cavalry. The vivid picture of Tompkins and his men and horses, the tactics of the pursuit and conditions on the chase. Reprint of 1934 edition, with a new introduction by John M. Carroll. J. M. Carroll & Co., n.d. Red cloth. $30.00

  31. SOLD Tompkins, Colonel Frank. Chasing Villa: The Last Campaign of the U.S. Cavalry. Preface by Louis R. Sadler. The vivid picture of Tompkins and his men and horses, the tactics of the pursuit and conditions on the chase. High-Lonesome Books, 1996. Soft cover. $14.95

  32. SOLD Urrea, Luis Alberto. The Devil's Highway: A True Story. The modern odyssey of people trying to cross the southern Arizona desert from Mexico for a new life. 1st edition. Little Brown & Co., 2005. Dust jacket. $24.95

  33. SOLD Wallace, Andrew. The Sabre Retires: Pershing's Cavalry Campaign in Mexico, 1916. The Smoke Signal No. 9. Tucson Corral of the Westerners, Spring 1964. Wraps. $5.00

  34. SOLD War Along the Border: The Mexican Revolution and Tejano Communities. Edited by Arnoldo De Leon. The book is a result of an importat conference held during the centennial of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. The scholars examined such topics as the effects of the Mexican revolution on Tejano and african American communities to it impact on Texas economy and agriculture. 1st edition. Texas A&M University Press, 2012. Soft cover. $24.94

  35. SOLD Whitaker, Irwin and Emily. A Potter's Mexico. First comprehensive record of contemporary Mexian pottery techniques. University of New Mexico Press, 1978. Dust jacket. $17.50

  36. Wilson, Tamar Diana. Women's Migration Networks in Mexico and Beyond. A history of women's labor in mexico and migration movement. University of New Mexico Press, 2009. Soft cover. $26.95

  37. SOLD Womack, John Jr. Zapata and the Mexican Revolution. A vivid account of peasant life in Mexico which cases new light on its revolution and upon the men who established the modern republic. Previous owner's bookplate on inside front cover. Knopf, 1969. Dust jacket with minor wear. $30.00

Mormons and Utah

  1. SOLD Aird, Polly. Mormon Convert, Mormon Defector: A Scottish Immigrant in the American West, 1848-1861. Foreword by William P. MacKinnon. Story of a convert to the Latter Day Saints and then leaving the faith after coming to Utah. Arthur H. Clark, 2009. Red cloth. $39.95

  2. SOLD Alter, J. Cecil. Through the Heart of the Scenic West. Limited edition numbered and signed. Previous owners inscription on front endsheet. Shepard Book Company, 1927. $45.00

  3. SOLD Army of Israel: Mormon Battalion Narratives. Edited by David L. Bigler and Will Bagley. Includes preparation for the march, actions and activities. Signed by Bagley. Kingdom in the West: The Mormons and the American Frontier 4. Arthur H. Clark, 2000. Blue cloth. $50.00

  4. SOLD Arrington, Leonard J. and John R. Alley, Jr. Harold F. Silver: Western Inventory, Businessman, and Civil Leader. Biography of an inventor who developed new means of processing sugar beets and coal mining equipment, who came from a Mormon background. Utah State University Press, 1992. Dust jacket. $24.95

  5. SOLD Backus, Anna Jean. Mountain Meadows Witness: The life and times of Bishop Philip Klingensmith. Cinematically drawn from letters, trial testimony, journals and diaries, this compelling account tells the tale of Mormon adventurer Klingensmith, witness and participant to the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Western Frontiersmen Series XXV. Arthur H. Clark Co., 1995. Dust jacket with spine faded. $65.00

  6. SOLD Carleton, J. H. The Mountain Meadows Massacre: A Special Report by J. H. Carleton Bvt. Major U.S.A. Captain 1st Dragoons 1859. Introduction by Robert A. Clark. Reprint of 1859 report. Red wraps. $20.00
  7. SOLD Hanks, N. C. Men of the Rockies: People I have Known in the Shadow of the Hills. Tales of men from Utah, Nymphas C. Murdock, George Tyng, Cyrus the Sinner, John Hamilton, Shorty and Ephraim K. Hanks. 1944. Green cloth. $45.00

  8. Hunter, Milton R. Utah: The Story of Her People 1540-1947 A Centennial History of Utah. Illustrated. Previous owner's name on front endsheet. Deseret News Press, 1946. Black cloth with minor wear. $25.00

  9. SOLD Jackson, A.T. Mills of Yesteryear. History with illustrations including Mormon millers. The University of Texas at El Paso, 1971. $20.00

  10. SOLD Lauritzen, Jonreed. The Everlasting Fire. A novel about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and the betrayal of the Mormons in Illinois and their long trek West. 1st edition. Doubleday & Co., 1962. Worn dust jacket. $20.00

  11. SOLD Lyman, Edward Leo. Amasa Mason Lyman, Mormon Apostle and Apostate: A Study in Dedication. Biography which provides a unique and revealing account of the early days of Mormonism and Lyman's role in creating that history. University of Utah Press, 2009. Dust jacket. $39.95

  12. SOLD McBride, Darvil B. and Bruce McBride. Chariots of Hope. The brothers share stories told by their parents and grandparents who had crossed the plains with Mormon pioneer groups. 1st ed. Autographed. Pacific Book and Printing, 1983. Soft Cover. $12.50

  13. SOLD [Mormon Trail in Wyoming] Two leaflets on the Mormon Trail in the Casper, Wyoming Area and the Oregon-California-Mormon Trail through Natrona County. Published by the Casper Wyoming Stake and the Fort Caspar Museum. $5.00

  14. Nebraska State Historical Society. Publications Volume XX. Edited by Albert Watkins. Contains numerous articles including one on the conflict between the Mormons and other settlers as well as the settlement of Utah and armed rebellion. 1922. Maroon cloth with staining. $15.00

  15. SOLD Riggs, Mary West and Roy A. West. Our Heritage As It Glows From the West. Story of early Mormon settlers, written by the daughter of John Anderson West. Utah Printing Co., 1956. Pictorial casebound. $35.00

  16. SOLD Sheffer, H. Henry III and Sharyn R. Alger. "The Mountain Meadows Massacre": The Oppression of the Saints. Edited by Jeffrey Ross. Brief account of this infamous event. Limited edition #136 of 250. Norseman Publications, 1995. Green wraps. $15.00

  17. SOLD Taylor Fred G. A Saga of Sugar: Being a Story of the Romance and Development of Beet Sugar in the Rocky Mountain West. History of the Utah - Idaho Sugar Co. Signed presentation copy by the author. Utah-Adaho Sugar, Co., 1944. Red cloth with remains of sticker on bottom spine. $30.00

  18. SOLD Wallace, Irving. The Twenty-seventh Wife. The story of An Eliza Young, last wife of Mormon Prophet Brigham Young who divorced her husband to lead in the fight against the American harem. 1st edition. Simon & Schuster, 1961. Dust jacket with wear. $45.00

  19. SOLD Wise, William. Massacre at Mountain Meadows: An American Legend and a Monumental Crime. The story of what happened at Mountain Meadows and of the events leading up to the massacre. 1st edition. Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1976. Dust jacket. $65.00

Western Exploration

  1. SOLD Alvord, Clarence Walworth and Lee Bidgood. The First Explorations of the Trans-Allegheny Region by the Virginians 1650 - 1674. Arthur H. Clark Co., 1912. $100.00

  2. SOLD Brodhead, Michael J. A Soldier-Scientist in the American Southwest: Being a Narrative of the Travels of Elliott Coues, Assistant Surgeon, U.S.A., with his Observations Upon Natural History. Arizona Historical Society, 1973. Soft cover. $18.00 *

  3. SOLD Goetzmann, William H. and Glyndwr Williams. The Atlas of North American Exploration: From the Norse Voyages to the Race to the Poles. Presents the discovery of North American with over a hundred maps, detailing the trails used by the early explorers. 1st edition. Prentice Hall, 1992. Dust jacket, oversize. $25.00

  4. SOLD Gray, A. B. and Peter R. Brady. Survey of a Route on the 32nd Parallel for the Texas Western Railroad, 1854: The A. B. Gray Report and including the reminiscences of Peter R. Brady who accompanied the expedition. Edited with introduction and notes by L. R. Bailey. Report of the exploration for a railroad westward to San Diego. Limited edition 900 copies. Remains of bookplate on inside front cover. Westernlore Press, 1963. Dust jacket with minor stains. $40.00

  5. SOLD Hamilton, W. T. My Sixty Years on the Plains: Trapping, Trading, and Indian Fighting. Edited by E. T. Sieber. Illustrated by Charles M. Russell. Forest and Stream Publishing Co., 1909. $200.00

  6. Hayden Maps Panor SOLD Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer. Maps and Panoramas: Twelfth Annual Report of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, 1878. Includes 10 economic and geologic maps of Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. The maps are all complete, typical aged paper is toned and map folds have started to crack. GPO, 1879. Original black cloth covers are worn and faded. The remains of a sticker are on the spine. 5 of 6 black cloth ties are present although worn. $450.00

  7. SOLD Marcy, Randolph B. Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana in the Year 1852. 32d Cong., 2d Sess., Senate Executive No. 54. Map volume not present. 1st edition. Washington: Robert Armstrong, 1853. New spine. $175.00

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