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Table of Contents for our Old West Books

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Wyatt Earp - Tombstone | Superstition Mountains | Arizona | Military | Southwest | Spanish Exploration & Borderlands |

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The American West | Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows, Rodeos and Western Movies | Life on the Frontier | Mexico | Mormons | Western Exploration | Ephemera

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Cattle & Cowboys | Texas

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Horses | Mining | Natural History | Transportation | Weapons and Hunting

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Revised February 28, 2018

* Denotes Southwest Books of the Year selection


  1. Alcock, Anne. The Love of Horses. Oversize picture book of horses around the world. Octopus Books, 1973. Pale green pictorial cloth. $10.00

  2. Arizona State Fair. Second Annual National Horse Show. Phoenix, Arizona, 1965. Wraps. $5.00

  3. Ball, Charles E. Saddle Up! The Farm Journal Book of Western Horsemanship. Fully illustrated on taking care of your horse. Some pages bent.1st edition. J. B. Lippincott Co., 1970. Dust jacket. $25.00

  4. Ballantine, Bill. Horses & Their Bosses. Stories of horses for every person, from Hollywood to police to beer haulers to Jake Posey's Forty-Horse Hitch. Illustrated by the author. J. B. Lippincott, 1964. Dust jacket. $20.00

  5. SOLD Brookshier, Frank. The Burro. A book for animal lovers everywhere - an interesting history on the donkey, burro, jackass or onager, filled with photographs. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 1974. Dust jacket. $35.00

  6. Brookshier, Frank. The Burro. A book for animal lovers everywhere - an interesting history on the donkey, burro, jackass or onager, filled with photographs. A Plains Reprint. University of Oklahoma Press, 1974. Soft cover. $24.95

  7. The Burro Book. Photographs of the burro out West, including with the Hopi, in Santa Fe, and packing loads. S. M. McCandless, Publ., 1900. Red decorated wraps with string tie. $25.00

  8. Campion, Lynn. Training and Showing the Cutting Horse. A how-to written on the sport. 1st edition. Prentice Hall Press, 1990. Dust jacket. $19.95

  9. Carpenter, Doug with Carolyn S. Pryor. Western Pleasure: Training and Showing to Win. Illustrated guide with color photos on how to train your horse. 1st edition. Equimedia, 1995. Dust jacket, oversize. $20.00

  10. Conn, George H., ed. The Arabian Horse: In Fact, Fantasy, and Fiction. Anthology of authors with different backgrounds who have in common a love and understanding of horses. A. S. Barnes and Co., 1959. Dust jacket. $27.50

  11. Conn, George H. The Arabian Horse in America. A reference book of authentic historical facts. 1st edition. Countryman Press, 1957. Dust jacket. $30.00

  12. Davis, Deering. The American Cow Pony: The Background, Training, Equipment, & Use of the Western Horse. An authoritative how-to book. 1st edition. D. Van Nostrand Co., 1962. Dust jacket. $30.00

  13. Denhardt, Robert M. Foundation Dams of the American Quarter Horse. Contains a registry and history of the great dams and eminent breeders. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 1982. Dust jacket. $34.95

  14. Denhardt, Robert Moorman. Quarter Horses: A Story of Two Centuries. A history for both the breeder and enthusiast, tracing the development and use of the Quarter Horse. University of Oklahoma Press, 1969. Dust jacket. $35.00

  15. Denhardt, Robert Moorman. The Quarter Running Horse: America's Oldest Breed. W well researched book on the Quarter Horse. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 1979. Dust jacket. $34.50

  16. Denhardt, Robert Moorman. The Quarter Running Horse. Chronicles the history of the horse and its modern racing reputation. Originally published in 1979. 1st printing of Red River Books edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 2003. Soft cover. $21.95

  17. SOLD De Steiguer, J. Edward. Wild Horses of the West: History and Politics of America's Mustangs. Carefully researched but showing the compassion for the land and wild horses. University of Arizona Press, 2011. Soft cover. $24.95

  18. SOLD Edwards, E. Hartley. Saddlery: Modern Equipment for Horse and Stable. Foreword by Lt. Colonel Frank Weldon. Illustrated guide explained in simple language. Arco, 1977. Dust jacket. $15.00

  19. Ford, Nerlin D. Horses, Harness and Homesteads: The History of Draft Horses in Saskatchewan. Illustrated with photographs of the different types of horses and equipment. Clippity-Clop's Chronicles, 2012. Soft cover, oversize. $39.95

  20. Garbutt, Bernard. The Day of the Horse. Written and illustrated by Garbutt, an illustrator for Disney. Sketches of horses at work and play. 1st edition. Northland Press, 1976. Dust jacket. $20.00

  21. Greeley, R. Gordon. The Art & Science of Horseshoeing. Beautifully illustrated book, by the author, takes the reader from the very fundamentals of the art of horseshoeing to more advanced concepts involving foot pathology. Previous owner's name on front endsheet. 1st edition. J. B. Lippincott, 1970. Dust jacket. $25.00

  22. Haines, Francis. Appaloosa: The Spotted Horse in Art and History. An exciting pictorial record, illustrated with narrative text. Previous owner's bookplate on inside front cover. 1st edition. Published for the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art by the University of Texas Press, 1963. Brown cloth. $3250

  23. Haynes, Glynn W. The American Paint Horse. This book is the first comprehensive history of a "new" American breed. Sunning on spine. University of Oklahoma Press, 1976. Dust jacket. $18.50

  24. Harrel, Leon with Randy White. Cutting. Photographs by Darrell Arnold. A step-by-step guide to this popular family sport. A Western Horseman Book. Western Horseman, 1993. Soft cover.12.95

  25. Harris, Albert W. The Blood of the Arab: The World's Greatest War Horse. Preface by Major Henry Leonard. Previous owner's bookplate on front endsheet. Privately printed by the Arabian Horse Club of America, 1941. Blue cloth. $250.00

  26. Hendricks, Bonnie L. International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds. Foreword by Anthony A. Dent. The most complete compilation of horse breeds ever attempted, including origin, history and physical description. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 1995. Dust jacket. $65.00

  27. Henry, Marguerite. Album of Horses. Illustrated by Wesley Dennis. Beautifully illustrated book with unusual and little-known facts. Rand McNally, 1965. Dust jacket. $20.00

  28. SOLD Hockensmith, John S. Spanish Mustanges in the Great American West: Return of the Horse. Photographic study of this beautiful horse and its relationship with the people and land of the American West. 1st edition. Fine Arts Press, 2009. Dust jacket oversize. $49.95

  29. Hoglund, Don. nobody's horses: the Dramatic Rescue of the Wild Herd of White Sands. New foreword by Tommie Turvey. The story of the horses celebrated history, their defiant survival and their incredible rescue from the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. University of Nebraska Press, 2008. Soft cover. $17.95

  30. SOLD Hubert, Marie-Luce and Jean-Louis Klein. Mustangs: Wild Horses of the West. Intimate look at these horses through photographs. Firefly Books, 2007. Dust jacket. $39.95

  31. SOLD Jepsen, Stanley M. The Coach Horse: Servant with Style. Thoroughly research, shows how to handle, photograph and enjoy coach horses. 1st edition. A. S. Barnes & Co, 1977. Dust jacket. $15.00

  32. Kenoyer, Natlee. The Western Horse: A Handbook. Illustrated by Randy Steffen. 1st edition. Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1962. Minor staining on red spine. $25.00

  33. SOLD Lang, Gerald and Lee Marks. The Horse: Photographic Images, 1839 to the Present. With an essay by Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence. The first book to trace the image of the horse from the earliest daguerreotypes and salt prints to contemporary photographs. Signed by Lawrence. Harry N. Abrams, 1991. Dust jacket. $45.00

  34. Laune, Paul. Mustang Roundup. Written and illustrated by Paul Laune, producing an authentic chronicle of the wild horse, filled with fascinating tales and acdcurately documented with place and date maps. 1st edition. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1964. Dust jacket. $25.00

  35. Lungwitz, Anton. A Textbook of Horseshoeing for Horseshoers and Veterinarians. Translated by John W. Adams. Facsimile edition. Oregon State University Press. Soft cover. $19.95

  36. Martin, George A. The Family Horse; Its Stabling, Care and Feeding; A Practical manual for Horse-Keepers. Facsmile of 1895 edition. North River Press, 1977. Dust jacket. $12.50

  37. Matthews, Camille. Quincy Moves to the Desert with illustrations by Michelle Black. In the second book of the Quincy the Horse series, Quincy and his best friend Beau leave the comforts of home and go on a BIG TRIP. 2010 Mom's Choice Gold Award(r) recipient. Pathfinder Equine Publications, 2011. Dust-jacket. $15.95

  38. Megargee, Edwin. Horses. Black and white and color plates illustrated by the author. Previous owner's bookplate on front endsheet. 1st edition. Julian Messner, 1946. Cloth boards with minor staining, lose hinge. $35.00

  39. Milner, Mordaunt. The Godolphin Arabian: The Story of the Matchem Line. The story of the famous Arabian line spanning three centuries. J. A. Allen, 1990. Dust jacket. $22.50

  40. Moore, Elaine T. Winning Your Spurs. Illustrations by Paul Brown. A comprehensive yet charmingly informal manual. Bramhall House, 1954. Dust jacket. $15.00

  41. Morin, Paula. Honest Horses: Wild Horses in the Great Basin. The voices of authentic westerners, people who live with horses and the land, who share their experiences of wild horses. University of Nevada Press, 2006. Soft cover. $24.95

  42. Muller, Dan. Chico of the UP Ranch. Illustrated by the artist. Story of a real horse that lived in the Big Horn Valley. 1st edition. Reilly & Lee, 1938. Dust jacket with wear and tears.

  43. SOLD Muller, Dan. Horses. Illustrated by the author showing horses in action. 1st edition. Reilly & Lee Co., 1936. Burlap cloth on boards, with minor wear. $65.00

  44. Orcutt, Captain Harry P. and Ben Avis Orcutt. America's Riding Horses: A Guide to All Breeds for the Amateur. D. Van Nostrang, 1958. Red cloth. $20.00

  45. Osborne, Walter D. The Quarter Horse. The complete story of America's own horse, how he was developed, used and trained. Fully illustrated by the author and photographs. Grosset & Dunlap, 1967. Dust jacket. $25.00

  46. Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw. Horses of America. With stunning photographs, discusses the Thoroughbred, Morgan, Quarter Hose, Clydesdale, and other breeds. Holiday House, 1981. Dust jacket. $12.95

  47. Patten, John W. Th Light Horse Breeds: Their Origin, Characteristics, and Principal Uses. Illustrated with more than 300 black and white photographs is a complete guide to Light Horse breeds. Previous owner's name on inside front cover. A. S. Barnes, 1960. Dust jacket with wear and rubbing. $10.00

  48. Rashid, Mark. A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color. Illustrations by Herb Mignery. Rashid uses heart-warming and humorous stories to share his tecniques of teaching horses. Johnson Book, 1996. Soft cover. $15.95 *

  49. Rashid, Mark. Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership. Illustrations by Greg Miles. Writed by an acclaimed horse trainer. Spring Creek Press, 2000. Soft cover. $16.00

  50. Reese, Herbert H. Arabian Horse Breeding. Illustrated by Gladys Brown Edwards. Beginners as well as seasoned horse breeders will find this volume useful and enlighting in their day to day contact the Arabian. Embossed library stamp on page. 1st edition. Borden Publishing Co., 1953. Dust jacket. $45.00

  51. Richardson, Bill and Dona. The Appaloosa. Written by longtime breeders that provides information on the spotted horse, including the history, characteristics, how to buy and how to breed. 2d edition. ARCO Publishing Co., 1975. Dust jacket. $22.50

  52. Richardson, M. T., comp. The Practical Horseshoer. Reprint of an 1890 edition that contains a collection of articles on horseshoeing. Profusely illustrated. Johnson Books, 1991. Soft cover. $10.98

  53. Ryden, Hope. Mustangs: A Return to the Wild. The story of the wild horses, photographed and written by the film-maker. 1st edition. Viking Press, 1972. Dust jacket. $20.00

  54. Simmons, Diane and Pat Close. Legends: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions and Mares. A Western Horseman Book. Features a history of the American Quarter Hose Association's early registration policies and profiles some of the early day legends. Western Horseman Publishing, 1993. Soft cover. $12.95

  55. SOLD Slaughter, Jean. Horses Round the World. Photographs from all over the world. J.B. Lippincott, 1955. Dust jacket. $15.00

  56. Smith, Bradley. The Horse in the West. Written and photographed by Bradley Smith. A book about Arabian, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, and Appaloosa. 1st printing. World Publishing, 1969. Dust jacket with minor tears. $35.00

  57. Speelman, Sanford. Breeds of Draft Horses. Presents the most important features of the breeds of draft horses. Illustrated. Farmers' Bulletin No. 619.USDA, revised April 1954. Wraps. $10.00

  58. Stalheim, Ole H. V. "Horse Doctors, Livestockmen, and Quacks: Veterinary Services in Southeastern Dakota, 1880-1950." Article in South Dakota History 17:2, Summer, 1987.

  59. Steiner, Stan. Dark and Dashing Horsemen. Mixture of fact and folklore that tells the story of the capture and taming of horses. 1st edition. Harper & Row, 1981. Dust jacket. $25.00

  60. SOLD Street, David. Horses: A Working Tradition. Beautiful photographs that show horses working at their tasks, logging, hauling, fishing, cattle, etc. McGraw-Hill, 1976. Dust jacket. $24.95

  61. Symanski, Richard. Wild Horses and Sacred Cows. Foreword by Edward Abbey. Story of the West's mustangs. 1st edition. Northland Press, 1985. Brown cloth. $32.50

  62. Symanski, Richard. Wild Horses and Sacred Cows. Foreword by Edward Abbey. Story of the West's mustangs. 1st edition. Northland Press, 1985. Soft cover. $9.95

  63. Taylor, Louis. Out of the West: The New Horsemanship. Discussion on new methods of training horses in the American West. Remains of bookplate on front endsheet. ARCO Publishing, 1974. Dust jacket. $15.00

  64. Taylor, Louis. Out of the West: The New Horsemanship. Discussion on new methods of training horses in the American West. 2nd large printing. A. S. Barnes and Co., 1965. Dust jacket. $20.00

  65. Taylor, Louis. Ride American: A Practical Guide for Western and Eastern Horsemen. Drawings by Rosemary D. Taylor. Illustrated how to ride a horse. 1st edition. Harper & Row, 1963. Dust jacket with wear on edges and spine. $8.50

  66. SOLD Thwaites, Jeanne. Horses of the West. Oversize photographic book. A. S. Barnes, 1970. Casebound with minor wear. $12.50

  67. Westbrook, Anne and Perry. Trail Horses and Trail Riding. This book is directed toward those who keep horses for the purpose of covering considerable distances in a pleasurable manner. A. S. Barnes. Dust jacket. $10.00

  68. Widmer, Jack. The American Quarter Horse. Chapters on the history of the quarter horse, the King Ranch, training the horse and the AQHA. 1st edition. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1959. Dust jacket. $25.00

  69. Wiseman, Robert F. The Complete Horseshoeing Guide. All of the information nessary for the modern farrier. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 1968. Dust jacket. $26.95

  70. SOLD Wiseman, Robert F. The Complete Horseshoeing Guide. All of the information nessary for the modern farrier. 2nd edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 1973. Dust jacket. $24.95

  71. Wyman, Walker D. The Wild Horse of the West. Story of the horse, illustrated by Harold Bryant. Former library copy with markings and pocket at the back. Caxton, 1945. Tan decorated cloth. $17.50

  72. SOLD Wyman, Walker D. The Wild Horse of the West. Illustrated by Harold E. Bryant. A valuable contribution to the history of the range horse, the Mustang and the Cayuse. Previous owner's identifying stamp on half-title and title page. University of Nebraska Press. Soft cover with minor wear. $5.00

  73. Young, John Richard. Schooling for Young Riders: A Handbook for the Horsemen of Tomorrow. Drawings by Randy Steffen. Appendix on judging horsemanship by Carson Whitson. A sensible modern method of instruction in the art of horsemanship. University of Oklahoma Press, 1971. Dust jacket. $35.00


All books now available on Mining are on our new website.

  1. Arizona Gold Placers and Placering. 5th edition revised. Illustrated with photographs and drawings. Previous owner's name and stamp on cover and title page. University of Arizona Bulletin. 1952. Gray soft cover. $20.00

  2. SOLD Boudway, Becky. Treasure in the Dust: Enduring Gold and Silver's Century of Divorce. The story of Hale C. Tognoni and his career as a geological engineer and mining lawyer in Nevada and California. Signed by the author. Mineral Economics Publications, 1985. Dust jacket. $25.00

  3. SOLD Brown, Robert L. An Empire of Silver: A History of the San Juan Silver Rush. Story of Colorado's silver rush set in the late 1800s. 1st edition. Caxton, 1965. Dust jacket with minor wear. $30.00

  4. SOLD Brown, Robert L. Jeep Trails to Colorado Ghost Towns. A look at over fifty ghost towns, with illustrations. Caxton, 1969. Dust jacket with minor wear. $10.00

  5. SOLD Byrkit, James W. Forging the Copper Collar: Arizona’s Labor-Management War 1901-1921. Details the turbulent history of Arizona when its isolated mining communities were treated as mercantilistic colonies by Eastern companies. Previous owner’s name and date penciled on front endsheet.  1st printing. University of Arizona Press, 1982. Dust jacket. $30.00

  6. SOLD Cain, Ella M. The Story of Bodie. The story of a California mining camp. Introduction by Donald I. Segerstrom. Fearon Publishers, 1956. Soft cover. $20.00

  7. SOLD Campbell, M. R. and H. E. Gregory. The Black Mesa Coal Field, Arizona. Discusses the coal deposits on the Navajo and Hopi lands. From the Contributions to Economic Geology, 1909. Wraps. $10.00

  8. SOLD Carter, Bill. Boom, Bust, Boom: The Story About Copper, the Metal tht Runs the World. Sweeping acount of civilization's complete dependence on copper. 1st printing. Scribner, 2012. Dust jacket. $12.00 *

  9. SOLD Clow, Richmond L. Chasing the Glitter: Black Hills Milling, 1874 - 1959. Illustrated with historic photographs, this book tells the story of the men, mills, and machines that worked the ores of the Black Hills of South Dakota. South Dakota State Historical Society, 2002. Oversize soft cover. $30.00

  10. SOLD CUBAR. Williams' Tourists' Guide and Map of the San Juan Mines of Colorado. Reprint of three maps of the San Juan Mining region, including Nell's Map, 1880 and Kibbe's Map, 1881. Reprint. Envelope, 1965. $35.00

  11. SOLD Cushman, Dan. Montana: The Gold Frontier. The whole story of the Montana goldfields, with many stories never published before of the frontier days. Signed by the author. 1st edition. Stay Away Joe publishers, 1973. Dust jacket. $25.00

  12. SOLD Discovering Washington's Historic Mines: Volume 1: The West Central Cascade Mountains; Volume 2: The East Central Cascade Mountains and the Wenatchee Mountains; Volume 3: The Northern Cascade Mountains. Written by Northwest Underground Explorations, Phil Woodhouse, Daryl Jacobson, Greg Cady, Victo Pisoni. Each volume is illustrated with maps, drawings and photographs. Each has an addendum included. Signed by the authors. Northwest Mining Publishers, 2006-2009. Soft cover, oversize. $120.00

  13. SOLD Dixon, Kelly J. Boomtown Saloons: Archaeology and History in Virginia City. Illustrates how historical archaeology is evolving into a scholary discipline that can expand upon written history. University of Nevada Press, 2005. Soft cover. $21.95 *

  14. SOLD Dorset, Phyllis Flanders. The Story of Colorado's Gold & Silver Rushes. Stories of forty years of boom and bust with the famous and infamous, Bat Masterson, Molly Brown and the rise and fall fo the mining camps of Leadville, Cripple Creek and Central City. Reprint. Barnes & Noble., 1994. Dust jacket. $15.00

  15. SOLD Eberhart, Perry. Guide to the Colorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps. Complete book identifying the mining camps with photographs and maps. 4th revised edition. Sage Books, 1968. Dust jacket. $20.00

  16. SOLD Fifer, Barbara. Montana Mining Ghost Towns. Photographs by Larry & Vivian Roland. Illustrated look at these early towns with historic and current images. Farcountry Press, 2002. Dust jacket, oersize. $24.95

  17. SOLD Flagg, A. L. Mineralogical Journeys in Arizona. First book published devoted entirely to Arizona in the entire field of mineralogy - includes a complete list of Arizona minerals, including the Ajoite. Illustrated with some color photographs. Fred H. Bitner, 1958. Dust jacket. $15.00

  18. Florin, Lambert. Arizona Ghost Towns. Illustrated guide to both mining and histoic towns. Superior, 1971. Soft cover. $8.50

  19. SOLD Garbani, James H. Arizona Mines and Mining Companies 1854-1954. Provides a listing of all the mines and companies, along with a 1961 map of Arizona showing all the mining districts. Signed by the author. Sunrise Graphics, 1993. Soft cover oversize. $35.00

  20. SOLD Ghost Towns of Colorado. Compiled by Workers of the Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Colorado. Illustrated history of the silver camps, Cripple Crek, Pikes Peak and more. American Guide Series. Hastings House, 1947. Brown cloth. $18.50

  21. Glasscock, C. B. A Golden Highway: Scenes of History's Greatest Gold Rush Yesterday and Today. Missing front endsheet. Blue Ribbon Books, 1941. Tan cloth. $5.00

  22. Glasscock, C. B. The War of the Copper Kings: Builders of Butte and Wolves of Wall Street. Story of the development of the early copper mines in the northern U.S. reaching to the nation's captiol. Grosset & Dunlap, 1966. Dust jacket. $20.00

  23. SOLD Goodwin, C. C. The Comstock Club. Stories of the miners on the frontier. 1st edition. Tribune Job, 1891. Decorative brown cloth. $50.00

  24. SOLD Hammond, Helen, comp. Garnet: Montana's Last Gold Camp. Illustrated history of Garnet through text ad images. Acme Press, 1983. Soft cover, oversize. $15.00

  25. SOLD Haskell, William B. Two Years in the Kondike and Alaskan Gold-Fields 1896-1898: A Thrilling Narrative of Live in the Gold Mines and Camps. Preface by Terrance Cole. This classic reprint is details the personal experiences and adventures in the gold regions of Alaska and the Klondike, detailing hardships and privations of miner's life. University of Alaska Press, 1998. Dust jacket. $34.95

  26. SOLD Jackson, W. Turrentine. Treasure Hill: Portrait of a Silver Mining Camp. Story of a Nevada mining camp and the people. 1st edition. University of Arizona Press, 1963. Dust jacket with minor wear. $20.00

  27. SOLD Jameson, W. C. Buried Treasures of the American Southwest: Legends of Lost Mines, Hidden Payrools and Spanish Gold. Stories of actual histories of Indians, outlaws, conquistadors, priests and ranchers looking for treasure in Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Previous owner's label on first page along with pasted description of the book. 1st edition. August House, 1989. Soft cover. $8.95

  28. SOLD Jastram, Roy W. Silver: The Restless Metal. Definitive guide to silver, making it an important contribution to economic and monetary history. Fold-out charts. 1st printing. Marking on front endsheet whited-out. John Wiley& Sons, 1981. Dust jacket. $50.00

  29. Klucas, Gillian. Leadville: The Struggle to Revive an American Town. With keen insight, stunning detail, and in-depth interviews with participants, the story of Leadville is unveiled - discussing community identity, public health, and government policy. Island Press, 2004. Dust jacket. $26.00

  30. Lingenfelter Bonanzas SOLD Lingenfelter, Richard E. Bonanzas & Borrascas: Gold Lust and Silver Sharks 1848-1884 and Copper Kings and Stock Frenzies 1885-1918. Two volume set on America's early mining and financial dealings in the nineteenth to early twentieth century. Western Lands and Water series. Arthur H. Clark, 2012. Dust jacket. $72.00

  31. SOLD Lokke, Carl L. Klondike Saga: The Chronicle of a Minnesota Gold Mining Company. The story of the Monitor Gold Mining and Trading Company. Published for the Norwegian-American Historical Association by the University of Minnesota Press, 1965. Dust jacket with minor wear. $45.00

  32. Lord, Eliot. Comstock Mining and Miners. Introduction by David F. Myrick. A reprint of the 1883 edition. Appropriate illustrations have been added to augment the text. Previous owner's signature on front endsheet. Howell-North, 1959. Black cloth. $30.00

  33. Lynch, Jeremiah. Three Years in the Klondike: A Gold Miner's Life in Dawson City, 1898-1901. This adventure is also livened up with anecdotes illustrating the strange customs of the whites and Eskimos in the Klondike, as well as details of gold mining. Narrative Press, 2001. Soft cover. $14.95

  34. Malach, Roman. Ghosts of McCracken Mine. Illustrated with photographs of the mining community. Mohave County, 1980. Wraps. $7.50

  35. SOLD Marcosson, Isaac F. Anaconda. Illustrated history of this copper mining company. Dodd, Mead & Co., 1957. Dust jacket. $15.00

  36. SOLD Martin, Maryjoy. The Corpse on Boomerang Road: Telluride's War on Labor 1899-1908. The story of the war between union organizers and mine operators. Western Reflections Publishing Co., 2004. Dust jacket. $29.95

  37. SOLD McCune, Don. Trail to the Klondike. Photographic history from the gold rush photographers as 100,000 people stampeded north to the gold fields of Alaska. Washington State University Press, 1997. Soft cover oversize. $19.95

  38. SOLD Mellinger, Philip J. Race and Labor in Western Copper: The Fight for Equality, 1896-1918. The first regional history of the ordinary laborers, miners, muckers, millhands and smelter workers who labored in the mountain and desert mining camps. 1st edition. University of Arizona Press, 1995. Dust jacket. $45.00

  39. SOLD Nadeau, Remi. Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of California. This excursion is a fascinating fragment of American history based on extensive research. Ward Ritchie Press, 1965. Dust jacket. $30.00

  40. SOLD Paher, Stanley W. Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps. Illustrated history with over 700 historic and modern photograph and maps. Howell-North Books, 1973. Dust jacket, oversize. $25.00

  41. SOLD Paher, Stanley W. Northwestern Arizona Ghost Towns. Brief illustrated history of these early Arizona communities, primarily mining camps. 1st edition. Gateway Press, 1970. Oversize soft cover. $12.95

  42. Paher, Stanley, W. Western Arizona Ghost Towns. Illustrated history of the Yuma - Parker - Kingman area mining camps. Nevada Publications, 1990. Oversize soft cover. $18.50

  43. Parke, Charles Ross. Dreams to Dust: A Diary of the California Gold Rush 1849-1850. Edited by James E. Davis. Contemporary account. 1st edition. Unversity of Nebraska Press, 1989. Dust jacket. $40.00

  44. mules mines SOLD Parker, Morris B. Morris B. Parker's Mules Mines and Me in Mexico 1895-1932. Edited with an introduction and notes by James M. Day. Colorful reminiscences of a mining engineer in the rough, frontier Mexican states of Sonora and Chihuahua. He encountered Pancho Villa, Colonel William C. Greene and was captured by the Yaqui. University of Arizona Press, 1979. Soft cover. $22.00

  45. SOLD Phelps Dodge: A Copper Centennial, 1881-1981. Supplement to Arizona Pay Dirt. Copper Queen Publishing Company, 1981. Wraps. $40.00

  46. SOLD Rochette, Edward C. Lost Mines and Buried Treasure: A Guide to Sites and Legends of the Southwest. Illustrated map and guide, part of the Southwest Traveler Guidebooks series. Renaissance House Publishers, 1992. Tall wraps. $6.95

  47. SOLD Schoolland, J. B. Boulder Then and Now. Illustrated history of this Colorado community. Updated edition. Johnson Publishing, 1978. Dust jacket with wear. $17.50

  48. SOLD Shoebotham, H. Minar. Anaconda: Life of Marcus Daly, the Copper King. Biography of the prominent Montana mining executive. 1st edition. Repair to front endsheet. Stackpole Company, 1956. Dust jacket. $20.00

  49. SOLD Shortridge, Harold T. Childhood Memoirs of a Fabulous Mining Camp Clifton, Arizona 1915 - 1926. Fascinating tales. Signed by the author. 1990. Soft cover. $12.50

  50. Simpson, Bessie and James R. Mitchell. Gem Trails of Arizona. Illustrated with map locations. Expanded, revised edition. Gem Guides Books Co., 1989. Soft cover. $10.00

  51. SOLD Somervill, Barbara A. The Gold Rush: Buried Treasure. Illustrated history for the young reader. Trailblazers of the West. Children's Press, 2005. Soft cover. $6.95

  52. SOLD Sonora Exploring and Mining Co. [Annual Reports 1st - 4th] Sonora - and the Value of its Silver Mines. Early reproduction of the annual reports bound in one volume. Inscription to Edw. Peplow, jr. Railroad Record Print, 1856-1860. Tan buchram. $50.00

  53. SOLD Spencer, Elma Dill Russell. Green Russell and Gold. Illustrated by Ben Carlton Mead. Family history of the Russells of Georgia is a saga of the Westward Movement during the middle fifty years of the nineteenth century including mining. University of Texas, 1966. Dust jacket. $40.00

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