This is a Guidon

A Guidon (pronounced: guy-don) is the small flag or banner carried by military units to identify their origin or affiliation. The guidon is part of our logo because it was used by the troops during the Civil War and during the settlement of the American West.

Just as the guidon represented the pride and tradition of each military unit, our guidon symbolizes the years of hard work that have made Guidon Books one of the premier civil war and western americana bookstores in the southwest. We have clientele all over the world. We hope that you too will "follow the guidon" when it comes to your needs for these special books.

There is a link on our Historical Hookup page that will allow you to view the guidon that the cavalry unit under the command of General George Armstrong Custer carried into the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Unlike Custer and many of his men, the guidon, although wounded, survived the battle.


O.K. Now I know!